Tammin Sursok praised for parenting tip: 'Brought tears to the eyes'

The Aussie actress has revealed how she deals with her daughter's tantrums.

Former Home and Away and Pretty Little Liars actress Tammin Sursok has been praised by fans after showing how she soothes her young children when they're having tantrums.

Uploading a video to her Instagram and TikTok accounts, Tammin's seen with her young daughter, Lennon, on her lap as they take big breaths together before cuddling.

"My four-year-old had a massive tantrum," Tammin wrote on the video.

Tammin Sursok pictured helping her daughter through a tantrum.
Tammin Sursok is being praised by fellow parents after uploading a video where she helps her daughter breathe through a tantrum.

"I felt embarrassed. Everyone was staring but instead of punishing and yelling at her, we sat down and breathed through our tough emotions to calm down our minds and body."

"I told her she wasn't bad or naughty, she was struggling to control these big feelings and that I was on her side," she continued. "Trying to break the cycle one breath at a time."


The heartfelt video left fans emotional.

"This is beautiful. Thank you for breaking cycles. The world needs more people like you," one person commented.

"I had such a hard day yesterday with my three-year-old, ended up in tears myself, just knew I could do better. This is what I needed to see," another person shared.

"Tammin. This made me so emotional. As a mum of a 3-year-old... and a 13-year-old who are both experiencing massive overwhelming emotions this just reminded me how beautiful it is to be the one on their team helping them learn these skills. Choosing to parent this way is so powerful and so beautiful. I just love this video," another fan said.

Tammin Sursok pictured with her two daughters Phoenix and Lennon, and husband Sean McEwen.
Tammin Sursok shares two daughters with her husband Sean McEwen. Photo:


While she's best known for roles like Dani Sutherland on Home and Away, Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars, and Colleen Carlton on The Young and the Restless, Tammin's garnered a huge social media following in recent years, uploading relatable content about marriage, parenting, and life in general. The Aussie star now boasts over one million Instagram followers, as well as 800,000 TikTok followers.

As well as four-year-old Lennon, Tammin shares nine-year-old Phoenix with her husband Sean McEwen.

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