Aussies are wondering WTF happened to this 'premier' childhood drink: 'The best thing ever'

If you've ever had your poo turned green, these bad boys might have been the culprit.

We 'oldies' love to reminisce about the snacks and treats of our youth. From Dunkaroos to Space Food Bars, we 90s and early 00s kids truly had it made (ignoring the fact that many of these treats were laced with questionable ingredients). However, it wasn't just the edible lunchbox inclusions of yesteryear that have us feeling all misty-eyed - certain beverages are also worth a shout-out.

In a recent Facebook post, one person took us all on a trip down memory lane when they reminded us of blue Pop Tops. The popular drink has been discontinued for some time due to low sales - which seems baffling considering how many people seem to miss the iconic drink.

Pop Tops were a staple of the 90s and early 00s and were often bought at Red Rooster. Credit: Reddit
Pop Tops were a staple of the 90s and early 00s and were often bought at Red Rooster. Credit: Reddit

"Anyone else miss the blue ones? I remember always getting these at Red Rooster with the kids' meals," the poster wrote on Facebook.


"Omg I forgot about these they were the best yummy I can taste it now," was one reply.

"They were so good," another fan recalled.

"These were my favourite!" said a third.

The nostalgia for the blue beverages wasn't just contained to Facebook either. A quick search on TikTok brought up a video of user Samuel Childs aka @s_queaks talking about Pop Tops, remembering them as a staple of movie nights in years one and two.

"Couple of you wanted this one, the cool blue pop tops," the content creator says. "Where the f**k are they? These were the staple of the year two and year three movie nights, where you'd go to your school at night, you'd bring your sleeping bag, you'd bring some snacks and you'd hop in the school gymnasium and you'd get one of these f**king free Pop Tops and a little bag of popcorn and you'd sit there watching some sh**ty kids movie with all your mates and it was the best thing ever."

"I dream about these," one fan wrote on Samuel's video.

"Want it back 😭," someone sobbed while another wrote, "Omgggg I miss these 😭😭😭."

"These were literally the best things ever!!!," added yet another Pop Top enthusiast.

Aussies want to know what happened to Blue Pop Tops. Credit: TikTok/s_queak
Aussies want to know what happened to Blue Pop Tops. Credit: TikTok/s_queak

"Holy hell I forgot about these!," someone exclaimed, seemingly unaware that it was consumers like them who go us into this mess in the first place.

"They were the best!!!," raved another.

It was much the same on Reddit where several threads pondered the demise of Pop Tops and reminisced about the rather distinctive, yet puzzling, taste.

"Ahhhh, I can remember that distinctive burn down your throat if you drank these too fast," one Redditor said. "To this day, I still have no idea what the flavour was supposed to be. Metal blueberries? God knows lmao."

"I dunno whether it's a case of mild synthesia, but each time I see this colour I get this vivid metallic taste in my mouth," someone else shared.

"The premier flavour," another person wrote.


Others (over)shared about the colour of their bowel movements after drinking the blue 'flavoured' drinks with one person describing it as "radioactive green colour, like worryingly green." Others posted rather unfortunate tales of vomiting up bright blue sick after ingesting the liquid.

And one chap misses blue Pop Tops so badly that he said he would "give my left testicle to taste this sweet nectar again 😭😭."

Well, if Schweppes/Asahi ever decides to bring them back I think we've found our tag line.

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