Facebook post sparks pleas to bring back popular 90s Aussie snack: 'I wish they still had these'

A social media group dedicated to Australian nostalgia has people reminiscing about a sweet, beloved treat.

A recent post on Facebook brought back a wave of nostalgia for Dunkaroos. Credit: Facebook
A recent post on Facebook brought back a wave of nostalgia for Dunkaroos. Credit: Facebook

If you were a kid in the 90s then it is quite possible that you had Dunkaroos in your lunchbox at some point. Or you might have been the parent placing the Dunakroos in your child's school bag for a recess snack.

The sweet treat - which featured kangaroo-shaped biscuits that you could 'dunk' into a little section of dip - was like a dessert Le Snack and came in flavours such as strawberry and chocolate. Basically, they were iconic which is why it's pretty upsetting that you can't find them on supermarket shelves these days.

Taking to a Facebook group dedicated to Australian nostalgia, one Dunkaroos fan paid homage to the lunchbox treat, with many in the group echoing the original poster's sentiments.


"Who loved Dunkaroos while growing up?," the OP asked. "The 90s version had 3 dips, while the 2000s version only had 2 dips! It is unrelated to the imported USA version that is sold today sometimes. It was branded under Uncle Tobies [sic] in the 90's, but Uncle Tobies [sic] sold it off along with some other snack brands in the 2000's to Nestle."

"I loveeddd these!!," one person enthusiastically replied. "From memory, They came in 2 flavours as well! Chocolate and strawberry."

"I wish they still had these!" another fan added.

"I used to love the strawberry version of these," someone else recalled, while another remembered that they used to include muesli crumbles along with the dipping sauce.

"These were the ultimate lunch box treat loved them wish they'd bring these back and space sticks," another person said.

"Man I’d give anything to have one of these again!" yet another fan said.

Several other people expressed how much they missed the iconic snack with one person going so far as to call them 'absolute fire.'

Dunkaroos were a staple of lunchboxes in the 90s. Credit: Reddit.
Dunkaroos were a staple of lunchboxes in the 90s. Credit: Reddit.

Over on Reddit, Dunkaroo fans were having a similar conversation after a Redditor posted a picture of the treat writing, "Now this was to die for... If u haven't had them before then mate you missed out...Pretty much just Nutella and Bickies."

"The best!!!!!," someone wrote under the post as another also described them as 'fire.'

While one commenter on Facebook wrote, "love them, you can apparently still get them at Coles but I'm not sure if they are the same as when we were kids,", the sad fact is that - like Hyper-colour t-shirts and Milli Vanilli, Dunkaroos are a thing of the past.

Yep, the beloved Aussie treat is, indeed no longer available with a representative from Nestlé Australia telling Yahoo Lifestyle that the line was "deleted in 2020" and "there are no plans to bring them back."

There is, of course, the American version of the snack available online but I think we can all agree that it's just not the same.


I guess it's true what they say - you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

At least we've still got Tiny Teddies...for now.

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