Aussie couple's 'amazing' ALDI-inspired wedding goes viral: 'The best thing I've seen all week'

From middle aisle to wedding aisle, these nuptials were Good Different!

A Sydney couple's ALDI themed wedding has won the internet this week
A Sydney couple's ALDI themed wedding has won the internet this week. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Fans Australia

When it comes to tying the knot, couples often strive to make their special day memorable and unique. But for one Sydney couple, their wedding took on a whole new level of creativity with an ALDI-inspired twist.

Bride-to-be, Amy Wong's journey to a once-in-a-lifetime ALDI-themed wedding began with a stroke of luck – she won Aldi's first-ever competition in their promotion of the ALDI Mania range. With a witty entry expressing her love for ALDI and hinting at her upcoming nuptials, little did she know it would spark an ALDI extravaganza on her big day.


Their wedding rehearsal photos, featuring Amy in an ALDI embroidered veil and her groom in matching ‘his and hers’ ALDI track sets, were an instant hit on social media. With over 500 likes and comments in less than 12 hours, it’s clear that their ALDI-themed nuptials struck a chord with fans of the supermarket chain.

The bride and groom wore matching ALDI track sets and an ALDI embroidered veil for their wedding rehearsal
The bride and groom wore matching ALDI track sets and an ALDI embroidered veil for their wedding rehearsal. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Fans Australia

"This is the best thing I've seen all week!" one group member wrote.

"Amazing," another ALDI fan chimed in, adding, "you look so comfy!"

"The comfiest outfit to wear," Amy agreed, clarifying the couple donned the looks for their wedding rehearsal, not their actual nuptials.

"Congratulations, this is so dope," said someone else, followed by a cheeky reminder that ALDI's travel Special Buys might just come in handy for their honeymoon!

ALDI went above and beyond to tailor the looks specifically for the bride and groom. The original winning prize pack included an Aldi branded hat, T-shirt, sweater, tracksuit pants, and slides. However, ALDI didn't stop there for Amy—they doubled the prize, added socks, and swapped Amy's hat for a custom ALDI veil, all delivered in beautiful gift-wrapped boxes.

"Wowsers, that’s fabulous customer support from ALDI!" exclaimed another fan.

But beyond the quirky attire, it was the personalised touches that made Amy’s wedding truly memorable. From the custom ALDI embroidered veil to the Mr. & Mrs. sweaters, every detail reflected their love for ALDI…and each other.

An ALDI spokesperson shared their excitement for Amy's ALDIcore dedication, stating, "Doesn’t every bride dream of their wedding day being Good Different!? When we heard Amy’s love for ALDI was almost on par with her love for her soon-to-be-husband, we just had to make sure her dream day was as memorable as a Special Buys drop."

They continued: "We wanted to ensure Amy had something new and blue for her special day, so ‘his and hers’ custom ALDImania loungewear for tearing up the dance floor and a one-of-a kind, perhaps one-in-the-world-ever, ALDI veil seemed like a good fit!"


"We just want to congratulate Amy and her new husband and wish them the most wonderful, Good Different life together. We’re pretty excited to be a small part of their love story.”

For Amy and her husband, their ALDI-themed wedding was a testament to their unique love story and their shared sense of humour. So here's to Amy and her husband, and to all the couples who dare to make their wedding day truly their own.

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