Bride's bizarre question about wedding entertainment sparks debate: 'Traumatising'

The internet had a field day when a bride-to-be playfully pondered adding a rather unusual act to her wedding.

It's no secret that wedding planning can turn into a circus, but one hilarious bride-to-be has taken this quite literally and had the wedding community rolling in the aisles with a puzzling enquiry about her potential cocktail hour entertainment.

Bride cheersing with bridesmaids
A bride has the internet in stitches with her suggestion of having a clown as her wedding entertainment. Photo: Getty

Clowning around

In a post that had the internet roaring, the bride explained she had her sights set on something that would be "classy" but fun and unique.

"Has anyone been to a wedding with clown entertainment during cocktail hour?" she posed the question to an online wedding planning community.

She went on to explain she and her future husband don't have a big budget but a family member does gigs for kids' birthday parties as a clown, "I think it would be such a fun idea, plus budget-friendly."


The group immediately joined in on the joke, with a flurry of crying-laughing emojis and witty retorts.

"Something classy," one commenter teased, while another quipped, "classy clowns...that seems like an oxymoron."

"That sounds like a great way to traumatise your friends and relations," another group member chimed in, with someone else urging, "please do not do this to your friends and family!"

Many group members suggested a clown showing up would be traumatising for guests. Photo: Getty
Many group members suggested a clown showing up would be traumatising for guests. Photo: Getty

"With something that seems to be traumatising for a lot of people, you just don't spring that on people," someone else pointed out.

"This feels like torture hour, not cocktail hour," laughed another, "I would literally leave this wedding."

From funny to frightening

The post might've started as a lighthearted joke (seriously, who'd invite a clown to their cocktail hour?), but it quickly circled back to a deeper reality: clown phobia is a real thing!

Known as coulrophobia, it's no laughing matter, as the largest survey—spanning 987 adults from 64 countries—found 53.5% of participants have some level of fear of clowns.

However, amidst the hilarity, a few intrepid souls mused about a circus-themed wedding being feasible to a degree.

"I've seen some incredible circus-themed weddings, but the bride and groom were performers themselves, and all the acts were their friends," said one respondent.

Of course, most folks recognised the post as a bit of playful wedding planning humour. Yet, there's always a sliver of truth in jest. As one commenter noted, "But you know someone has legit asked this question somewhere!"

In the end, it might just be a case of someone trying to trim down their guest list: "Someone over invited and needs to cut the guest list back? Solution=clown!"

Sounds about right!

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