Abbie Chatfield shocks fans with wild sex confession: '21 times'

Abbie Chatfield has left her social media followers stunned after she shared a surprising confession about her sex life.

The 27-year-old TV and radio personality, who has built an entire empire speaking about sex, feminism and taboo topics, revealed on TikTok that her ex-boyfriend once made her orgasm “21 times in one day”.

Abbie Chatfield.
Abbie Chatfield’s sex confession on TikTok has left her followers stunned. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie’s video begins with a clip of Madison Prewett, who was the runner-up on last year’s season of The Bachelor in the US, speaking at a ‘Hope and Light’ event at a Christian megachurch in Houston, Texas.

“Jesus is the only one that can satisfy. The only,” she says.

The clip then cuts to a shot of Abbie lying in bed as she retorts: “My ex-boyfriend when I was 20 years old made me c*m 21 times in a day. So I think he can also satisfy.”


The TikTok, which has been viewed over 50,000 times, racked up plenty of comments from fans applauding Abbie’s reply.

“Couldn’t love you anymore than I already do,” one person wrote, followed by another who tagged their friend and added, “She is the best thing on TikTok”.

“Geezus you are friggin gold,” a third replied, while others begged her to reveal who it was for their own enjoyment.

“21 times? I adore you but REALLY 21,” someone else said.

The Bachelor host Osher Günsberg also chimed in, writing: “You’ve been to Cabo San Lucas? I met a LOT of blokes called Jesus during my Mexican adventures.”

Abbie Chatfield's TikTok.
Abbie’s fans applauded her for her honesty. Photos: TikTok/abbiechatfield

Abbie’s X-rated achievement

Abbie’s video comes shortly after she spoke openly on her It’s A Lot podcast about a new experience she had during an intimate encounter with a mystery man.

She told her listeners that she began to feel a “bizarre” sensation when she was having sex, which soon became pleasant as she experienced a rare type of female orgasm.


“I started screaming, and then I was like, ‘what the f**k was that?’. He said, ‘you squirted!’,” she detailed as her podcast producers cheered and applauded in the studio.

Abbie’s fans were also over the moon for her, with the video racking up over 190,000 views on Instagram.

“This is giving me the same joy as when my best friend got married. Love this for you!” one follower wrote.

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