Abbie Chatfield stuns with X-rated admission: 'I wish!'

Abbie Chatfield stunned some fans of her podcast It's A Lot on Friday when she spoke about her sexual history.

The 27-year-old shared her estimated number of sexual partners during a conversation with Christian Hull, which was then shared in a video to her Instagram account.

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield left some fans stunned as she made an X-rated admission on her podcast It's A Lot. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

"Somebody asked me the other day how many people I've f**ked and they said, 'How many, like, over a thousand?' and I was like 'I wish!'" she said.

"I think I've f**ked, like, 80 people," the presenter added.

When Christian appeared surprised, Abbie added that it was probably a "conservative" estimate.

Abbie's followers found the video hilarious, with the Listnr account writing, "Still recovering from this episode today."


"Feeling like the Virgin Mary over here," one user joked.

"I cackled listening to this. So good," another said.

"Only 80?" a stunned user questioned, while another seemingly thought 80 was a lot.

"I lost it this morning listening to this," someone else wrote.

Abbie confirms split with Konrad

Abbie and Konrad Bien-Stephens
Abbie recently confirmed she and boyfriend Konrad Bien-Stephens split "a couple months" ago. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

It comes after Abbie confirmed she and Konrad split "a couple months" ago.

"Hey everyone, this is going to seem really out of the blue and really strange timing," she said in her Instagram story. "There’s been obviously a lot of speculation about my relationship, and a lot of articles and rumours."

"I wanted to confirm that yeah, Konrad and I are broken up," she said, adding the split happened about two months ago.

Trying to put a stop to the rumour mill, Abbie was adamant that the break-up wasn’t due to the fact that the couple were in an open relationship, which allowed the pair to have sex with other people.

The Masked Singer star says there was ‘a reason’ that she didn’t come clean about the split earlier, saying she wasn’t trying to be ‘deceitful’.

"No one did anything bad or awful, there’s no drama to it," she reiterated to her followers.

Abbie also ranted about how upsetting it was to see the press constantly reporting on her relationship status, and even said she’ll refrain from sharing any future relationships publicly.

"The way the media have f**king reported on it…like it’s a game, like my relationship is a game," she said.

It comes after rumours Konrad started a new relationship with former Bachelor star Megan Marx on the set of the new reality show The Challenge.

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