Abbie Chatfield weighs in on MAFS' Bronte's leaked voice notes: 'Ew'

The former Bachelor star has shared her thoughts on the drama.

Reality TV veteran Abbie Chatfield has weighed in on the latest Married At First Sight scandal after a series of voice notes from bride Bronte Schofield talking about her groom Harrison Boon months before meeting on the show leaked online.

In the audio messages, Bronte shared her surprised reaction after learning that Harrison had a 21-year-old girlfriend on the outside. The 28-year-old wasn’t yet aware that she would be matched with Harrison in the experiment but admitted she would use the information to her “advantage” if she was.

MAFS' Bronte and Harrison.
Abbie Chatfield has shared her thoughts on the MAFS voice message scandal involving Bronte and Harrison. Photos: Channel Nine

“Oh my god, I will literally play this up like crazy,” she is heard saying. “Like, I reckon I would actually confront him when we’re in private.

“Just like, 'By the way, I actually know why you’re here. Like if you’re wanting to just, like, I guess play this on, that’s fine, we can just be friends. But for the cameras, we can obviously put on a show'. Because if I do get this guy, like, I’m not going to be able to like him, because I know what he’s like.”


Abbie, who has appeared on The Bachelor, I’m A Celebrity and The Masked Singer, shared her thoughts on the “juicy” drama on her national radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield on Wednesday night.

“Well, my initial reaction was ‘ew’ to these voice notes,” she said. “I don’t like a premeditated storyline, because people accused me of that and nothing I do is premeditated. I’m very chaotic, we all know this.”

Abbie Chatfield speaking on her radio show.
‘My initial reaction was “ew” to these voice notes.’ Photos: Instagram/hotnightswithabbie

'It makes good TV'

The media personality went on to say that Bronte is trying to weave “a very complicated web”.

“A better storyline would be you rocking up and at the altar going, ‘So are you still dating that girl?’,” she continued. “And then you’re honest and you can say, ‘Oh, by the way, I’ve heard that you’re dating this girl’, rather than pre-planning a conversation off-camera.

“Then the other part of me is like, well if I heard that someone was seeing someone before they went on The Bachelor for example… I mean, I’m always seeing someone, but I’m kind of thinking, wouldn’t you just be like, ‘Oh he’s probably just seeing someone casually and I’ll ask him when he’s there if he’s my match’, rather than plotting this?

“But then I think also it makes good TV and at the end of the day, they’re there to make good TV. I don’t know.”

MAFS' Bronte.
Bronte has since spoken out about the leaked voice messages. Photo: Channel Nine

Bronte speaks out after leaked messages

Abbie’s comments come shortly after Bronte appeared on The Kyle & Jackie O Show to discuss the leaked messages where she confirmed it was her voice in the recordings but asserted she had no idea Harrison was going to be her husband.

“I never actually got told Harrison's name before the wedding,” she said. “I heard that a guy of his nature was going in it. So when I was getting all of these messages from so-called ‘friends’, I was like, 'Oh my god, if I get this guy, at least I’ll have the upper hand and I’ll be able to know what kind of guy he’s like’.”

She added that her facial expressions and reactions when meeting Harrison at the altar were “so legit”.

“I don’t think that’s the face of somebody who knew that information,” she added. “I’m definitely not an actor.

“On the morning of my wedding, respectfully, I'm not thinking about a conversation that I've had with my friend a few months ago. I’m going, ‘I’m marrying a freaking stranger’.”

When asked about whether she knew which of her friends was the person who leaked the voice messages, Bronte replied: “I know exactly who it was.

“I tried to call her and she didn't answer, so I left her a message basically just saying leave me alone and let's just move on. It's been however many months now, keep my name out of your mouth.”

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