Abbie Chatfield's shock discovery at Coles: 'This is robbery'

The media star couldn't contain her disgust at the price of a popular item.

Radio presenter and TV personality Abbie Chatfield and her Hot Nights co-host Rohan Edwards were in for a shock during a visit to Coles this week, all thanks to the eye-watering price of a popular confectionary. In a TikTok video posted on Mr Edwards' account, the duo expressed absolute shock after noticing the price of Ferrero Rocher's 1.2-kilogram T96 Cone.

"Is she having a f**king laugh? 200 bucks!" an astonished Abbie says, to which Rohan replies, "$16 per hundred grams?" before describing the pyramid of chocolates as "200 bucks of murder. Murder cone!"

Abbie Chatfield and Ferrero Rochers at Coles
Abbie Chatfield isn't the only one scratching her head over the pricing of Ferrero Rocher's T96 Cone at Coles. Source: TikTok/@rohanedwardss


The clip has already earned well over one million views since it was posted, with many viewers equally shocked by the hefty price tag. "TWO HUNDRED??? Why's it not locked up or something?" one TikTok user asked in disbelief. "Big W right now has Ferrero packs, 600g for $25. This is robbery", someone else commented.


Not a typo

While many viewers were convinced that the pricing must be a mistake, such as a typo that should have read $20 instead of the eye-watering $200, a check of the Coles website confirms that the price tag in the video is correct. "That had better be actual gold wrapping," another viewer added.

The price of the jumbo pack is indeed confusing. A pack of five Ferrero Rochers at Coles is currently $4.20 or $6.72 per 100g. This equates to 84c per individual chocolate. A pack of 30 is even better value at $22 or $5.87 per 100g, which equates to 73c per individual chocolate. At $200 or $16.67 per 100g, the price per individual chocolate in the cone-shaped 96-pack is $2.08.

Better value for money

As Aussies continue to deal with price hikes on fresh produce and popular snacks such as chips, Ferrero Rocher fans who find themselves at Coles would be better off purchasing four of the 30-packs for $88 and walking away with 120 chocolates, rather than the $200 pack of 96. Or, to save even more cash, they could head to Big W and buy two 48-packs for $25 each, saving $150 for the same amount of chocolates. Of course, doing so would mean missing out on the "eye-catching centrepiece" that is the T96 Cone.

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