Woolworths drop $30 dupe of cult $129 Peter Alexander pyjamas: 'I NEED these!'

The supermarket giant has jumped on the dupe train and shoppers are very impressed.

Satin pyjamas, woman in pyjamas
The Woolworths version released for Mother's Day is almost identical to the popular Peter Alexander set. Photo: Woolworths/Peter Alexander

While Kmart is usually the budget retailer dishing out the best dupes, it seems Woolworths has also jumped on board. The grocery store has just dropped a dupe of Peter Alexander’s popular pyjamas, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner, shoppers are going mad for them!

The Aussie retailer launched the dupe as part of its Mother’s Day range and is selling satin pyjamas in a range of designs. The popular pink stripe designs are just $30 a pair—a fraction of the price of the infamous Peter Alexander PJs, which retail for $139 a set.

Cheree, who runs the Oh So Busy Mums Facebook page, recently spotted a great deal and shared it with her 175,000 followers.

“Heads up! Woolies has “Peter Alexander style dupe” long-sleeve pj’s! Seems like a good buy for only $30,” she wrote.

Dozens of people flooded the comments with positive reviews of the PJ sets, with some stating they’d already purchased them and that they were indeed as good as they looked.

“I bought myself some of these last week! So good!” one follower commented.


“The navy is super soft I think I might buy myself some,” added another, with a third adding, “I NEED the leopard print ones!”

Another person shared that she scored a set for an even cheaper price last year after the Mother’s Day stock went on sale.

Satin pyjamas, woman in pyjamas
The Woolworths satin PJs come in a range of colours, including midnight blue, which also look similar to a Peter Alexander set. Photo: Woolworths/Peter Alexander

“I got these last year for $3. 2 weeks after Mother’s Day, they were all marked down. My advice… hold off for a week or two, and they’ll be even cheaper!”

The Woolies version comes in sizes small to extra-large and is available in various colours along with the popular dupe of the pink pinstripe and Navy with white trim.

Dupes of the Peter Alexander sets have long been popular, with Kmart launching a similar summer version back in 2022.

The short-sleeved satin set disappeared from the shelves as soon as it hit stores, and the same look was offered for $20 instead of $129.

The store has since dropped a Long Sleeve Top and Pants Satin Pyjama Set that looks identical to the Peter Alexander pair.

Satin pyjamas, woman in pyjamas
The Kmart versions have also been extremely popular since they were released. Photo: Kmart

So far, the dupe set has had rave reviews, with shoppers saying that the quality lives up to the hype.

“I love these PJs. Their comfortable size is true; I highly recommend them!” one person wrote on the Kmart website.

“My daughter loved these. Great fit, quality, and price. Well done, Kmart. Another win for us,” added another.


According to some shoppers, the designs are similar and just as comfy, with both pairs made from elastin and polyester. However, some said that both the budget and more expensive versions didn't always stand the test of time.

"Honestly, I don’t rate them," one person said of the Woolworths version. "They don’t wash that well. But I also don’t rate Peter Alexander PJs either."

"I brought the boys PA ones, and honestly, the quality is crap for the price. Already have pilling and only five weeks old," another shared.

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