Kmart launches $15 Stanley cup dupe causing social media storm: 'Love it!'

There's a cheaper way to quench your thirst this summer.

This summer the Stanley Cup has become the go-to item for tweens, teens, Gen Zers and basically everybody who has ever been thirsty.

Its oversized look and trendy design have made it this year's must-have accessory, but the buzz doesn't come without a significant price tag, with official Stanley Cups ringing up at somewhere between $70 and $90.


Kmart's $15 Jumbo Tumbler shown in a range of colours.
Kmart's $15 Jumbo Tumbler is being hailed the perfect dupe for the more expensive Stanley cup. Photo: Kmart

Thankfully, everyone's favourite discount retailer, Kmart, has come to the rescue of dehydrated people everywhere. Their 1.18L Jumbo Tumbler with Handle has been hailed as the 'ultimate' Stanley dupe, at a mere $15 and mirroring the size and style of its pricier counterpart.

If you're on the fence about Kmart's dupe, just know it's currently setting social media on fire and people are rushing to their local stores faster than you can say "iced water" to hunt out the affordable alternative.


Is the Kmart Stanley dupe worth it?

Social media users have been quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between the Kmart find and the official Stanley Cup.

Holding the same liquid capacity, the Kmart version becomes an attractive substitute, particularly for tweens and teens. "Ours has survived the entire summer being owned by a 9-year-old," wrote one social media user, pointing out its durability and budget-friendly appeal.

Kmart's jumbo tumbler (right) and a Stanley Cup in a similar colour (left).
Kmart's jumbo tumbler, available in various colours, bares a striking similarity to Stanley cups. Photo: Kmart/TikTok @lifehackerau

"I was impressed considering the price," echoed another satisfied customer. For many, the Kmart tumbler is a practical and affordable choice, especially when dealing with kids who are prone to misplacing belongings.

"Fighting over a lost $70+ drink bottle is not a fight I'm willing to have. $15 I can live with," said another user.

"I have this and love it!" wrote a third.

Quality concerns

However, not everyone is sold on the Kmart dupe with some Facebook users doubting the $15 tumbler's durability.

"I bet the quality and longevity are reflected in that price too," suggested one sceptic. Concerns about easy scratching and subpar temperature retention also emerged, with many questioning if the Kmart dupe could truly compete with the sought-after Stanley.

"Scratches soooo quickly," one group member, who owns the Kmart dupe, said, before adding, "and barely holds cold water temperature at all."

Putting things in perspective, one social media user posed the burning question on everyone's mind: "Everyone saying your drink will stay cold for two days in a Stanley, why is it taking you two days to finish your drink?"

Bottoms up to that!

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