Kmart shoppers go crazy for $20 dupe of $129 Peter Alexander PJs

Kmart is known for offering up some pretty good dupes and the latest one is no exception. Shoppers have been sent into a frenzy over the new budget silk striped women's pyjama sets, which rival the likes of popular brand Peter Alexander but over $100 cheaper.

After spotting the new Kmart PJ sets in store, one customer shared her find on the popular Facebook group Markdown Addicts Australia, sending fellow shoppers into a spin over the bargain buy. "If you don't want to pay $129 at Peter Alexander then these PJs are just the same and only $20 at Kmart!" she wrote alongside a picture of the pink and white striped Short Sleeve Satin Pyjama Set.

Kmart Peter Alexander pyjamas dupe
The Kmart pyjama sets are similar to the popular Peter Alexander sets, without the high price tag. Source: Facebook/Peter Alexander

'I need these'

Impressed, other shoppers said they couldn't wait to buy some. "They're so nice but so hard to get your hands on," commented one group member. Meanwhile, those who were lucky enough to have already purchased them said they're worth the hype. "I have a pair of these and they are sooo comfy," a happy Kmart customer wrote.


Kmart pyjamas
The Kmart sets come in three different colours, with some customers saying they own all three pairs. Photo: Kmart

The online reviews were just as glowing. "Bought as dupe for Peter Alexander/Victoria's Secret. Really good value and nice material, the quality is pretty good," commented one shopper on the Kmart website. "Love these so much I purchased them in every colour," wrote another.

The silk sets are available in-store and online in three colours including red, grey and pink stripe, and are available in sizes 6 to 22. The "original" Peter Alexander shorts and shirt set is also available in a range of colours.

Worth the saving?

But while some shoppers were impressed, others said the quality just isn't the same. "I've got both and have to say Peter's is still great wash after wash (some I have, even years later ). The Kmart is already falling apart at the stitching and was wrapped around my washing machine after a few months. I love a bargain but sometimes It doesn't pay off..." one group member commented.

Kmart Peter Alexander dupe
While the sets might look the same, those who have tried both say there's no question about the quality. Source: Kmart/Peter Alexander

Another agreed, adding, "Look, I get what you are saying and VISUALLY they might seem somewhat similar but as a mum who has slept in Kmart and target PJs most of my life and finally decided to treat myself and buy myself a pair of PA PJs, the quality is night and day. I mean, Kmart PJs are absolutely fine but they are definitely nowhere near Peter Alexander quality."

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