Woman's X-rated admission about 'session box' under parents' bed shocks internet

A woman used a sex toy she found under her parents' bed, but that's only the beginning.

An X-rated admission is currently going viral, after a woman admitted to using a sex toy she found under her parents' bed... but that's only the beginning.

As retold on the Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel radio show, host Ricki-Lee Coulter summarised the traumatic story while co-host Tim Blackwell looked on in horror.

"Melissa was housesitting at her parents' house and she was sleeping in her parents' room. She found a shoebox under the bed and it just so happened to be full of session toys," Ricki Lee began.

"Well surely that's the moment you closed the box," Tim replied.

Tim Blackwell reacts in horror to Ricki Lee retelling an x-rated submission
Tim Blackwell reacts in horror to a woman's x-rated admission. Photo: tiktok.com/rickileetimjoel


"She had a couple of glasses of wine, she found mum's 'you know', she gave it a wash, and then used it. After using it, she saw that it had 'clone-a-willy' etched on the side of it... meaning the toy was a replica of her dad!"

"WHAT?!" screamed Tim.


He wasn't the only one left disgusted by the act.

"My jaw dropped and I literally got a sick feeling in my stomach. I can no longer internet," one TikTok user commented.

"That just got progressively worse as it went on," another said.

"I'm flat out not drunk enough to have learned this," another joked.

A few people pointed out some very obvious problems with the whole story.

"I wouldn't even sleep in my parents' bed, let alone go creeping around under there," one person said.

"The fact that she used it in the first place is wild," another pointed out.

Let's be honest... some secrets are better off being taken to the grave.

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