Ricki-Lee Coulter spills on 'awesome' night out with Prince Harry: 'Surreal'

The Australian singer and the British prince bumped into each other in an underground bar in London.

Ricki-Lee Coulter has opened up about her random meeting with Prince Harry on a night out in London, calling it awesome.

Speaking on the I’ve Got News For You podcast, the Australia's Got Talent host said she was in London with her manager, her husband and a few friends, watching Australian artist Sam Sparrow perform in a ‘really cool underground bar’ when the chance encounter happened.

Ricki-Lee Coulter in a one-sleeved sparkly dress
Ricki-Lee Coulter has spilled all about her chance encounter with Prince Harry. Photo: Instagram/Ricki-Lee Coulter

The singer said she went to the bar to get a drink and “all of a sudden these secret service looking people started coming in”.

Ricki-Lee said the whispers then started that Prince Harry was on his way when “all of a sudden he just walked in and stood next to me at the bar”.

“I was like OMG,” Ricki-Lee said, saying the pair “just chatted for five minutes”.

“I said hi, we introduced ourselves and we just talked. It was so surreal and awesome and he was so down to earth and lovely and cool. And then I was like ‘OK well have a good night' and I walked back to my table with my friends and I was like ‘OMG I just met Prince Harry'.”


Ricki-Lee also gushed over the singer Seal, whom she met on The Voice, saying he has the ‘it factor’ everybody talks about.

Prince Harry in a suit and open shirt
She called Prince Harry 'lovely and cool'. Photo: Getty Images
Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel show
Ricki-Lee took over from Kate Richie on the Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel show. Photo: Nova

Earlier this month, Ricki-Lee was announced as Kate Richie’s replacement on Nova’s drivetime show, which is now called the Ricki-Lee, Tim & Joel show.

Speaking about the transition from the stage to radio, Ricki-Lee said: “I never thought I would be doing radio. It really isn’t something that was on my radar and I think that unless it was those two boys, I wouldn’t be doing it. They are so amazing at what they do and they make going in every day such a pleasure.”

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