The Voice's Guy Sebastian shocks with X-rated admission live on-air

Guy Sebastian opened up about what keeps the spark in his marriage alive.

The Voice coach Guy Sebastian has opened up about keeping the spark in his marriage alive after 15 years of marriage to his wife Jules.

Appearing on 2DAY FM's Hughesy, Ed & Erin, Guy credited great communication to keeping his bond strong with Jules, especially during harder times like Covid lockdown.

"When something big happens, I think ‘Oh I can’t wait to see what she thinks of this’. And we just chat," he shared. "That’s what got us through Covid. We were just solving the world. Our opinions were probably ill-informed but we talked."

Guy Sebastian's X-rated admission

Guy and Jules Sebastian in selfie and Guy and Jules with their two sons
The Voice's Guy Sebastian has credited "doing chores" to helping his love life with wife Jules. Photo:

Guy then said he thinks it all boils down to love languages.

"It’s so cliché but even little things like, as a partner you go ‘Oh they're not being affectionate to me’ and they’re not giving you sex, but you’re not doing the little stuff for them. So basically you just have to do lots of chores to get lucky," he said.


This isn't the first time Guy has been open about his intimate life with Jules.

Early last year, Guy admitted to Fitzy & Wippa that one of his sons had walked in on him and Jules in the bedroom, saying it was an "awful feeling".

“The look of horror and confusion if one of your kids walks in,” he said. “I don't know how much was seen and neither does Jules."

He was quick to laugh about the awkward moment, discussing how hard it is to get alone time with young kids around.


“We've got two young kids and you're just trying to find any time for each other, like whatsoever. And then you get that once in six months little bit of time and they still manage to ruin it,” he laughed. “All we’re asking for is 90 seconds!”

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