'I'm an adult industry worker – and here’s why my kids are proud of me'

'My mother, sister, brother and even my grandparents know too and they think it’s cool'.

By Luci Power

I’ve faced a lot of stigma because I’m an adult entertainer and have children.

A local woman once came up to me in the gym while I was holding a dumbbell and shouted “why don’t you shove that up your c***” in front of everybody there. A disgruntled parent once saw me at SEXPO (sex convention) and then outed me to the community by going to the newspaper, as if I should be ashamed of what I do to put food on the table.

You’re always going to get people who feel threatened and upset by those in the adult industry. It’s mostly just a combination of their upbringing, personal values and maybe internalisation of repressed emotions.

Luci Power wearing a black lace bra
Luci Power has opened up about working in the adult entertainment industry, Photo: Instagram/@lucipowershow

But none of that matters compared to my children’s personal feelings. I first got into the industry at the start of 2017 when they were young, and my 13-year marriage ended. I was stressed, crying and unsure how I was going to pay rent and feed them.

That’s when I discovered escorting through a friend and asked myself: “Can I do this morally? Can I have sex with people I don’t know for money?” I was unsure and a little scared, but the idea of earning $400-per-hour was too good to miss so I bit the bullet.


In my first week escorting, I earned $3,000, which was huge for me and I finally felt safe and in control again. I then started uploading videos of myself to OnlyFans and ManyVids around this time too. I’ve always been an exhibitionist and was proud of my body as a bodybuilder, and thought, “Well I may as well earn some more money that way too”.

Luci Power in the gym flexing her muscles
In her first week escorting, Luci earned $3,000. Photo: Instagram/@lucipowershow

Six years have passed since then, I haven’t looked back and I now have a partner who is completely supportive.

Although I initially kept my work a secret, my children found out accidentally about three years ago, and we’ve been slowly working through it ever since. It was hard at first as I had to teach them to unlearn what they think they know about what it is that I do for a living. But we have a great relationship and all they know for sure is I’m always here for them, support them, engage with them, and provide for them while helping them understand I choose this career because it works for me.

My mother, sister, brother and even my grandparents know too and they think it’s cool because I just own it, I’m not ashamed and I’ve made something of myself in this industry. They’re also proud of the changes I try to make in the industry to make it safer for all, especially women.

Luci Power taking a selfie in a white top
Luci says her children are proud of the changes she's making in the industry. Photo: Instagram/@lucipowershow

Since COVID hit, everything changed and there are now more creators than ever – with many people out there ready to take advantage. I had bad experiences when I first started, with people trying to manipulate and trick me, sell scenes without my permission and also lie or not produce the correct type of STI testing I would expect.

Which is what inspired me to create the Adult Content Creators website as I feel like the industry needed a platform that could provide consistent and correct information on how to safely work in the adult world. The ACC website creates an element of safety by conducting video chats with every single member to verify who they are, it gives tips on how to run an OnlyFans account, how to resolve a conflict, look after your sexual health and how to identify red flags.

At first I wanted to create this platform because of the bad things that have happened to me, but as my daughters grow older I am hyperaware of the fact that this could happen to them. Obviously they aren’t in the industry, but I can talk to them about how to identify bad people, manipulation, exploitation and dangerous behaviours.

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