Woman sparks fury over 'gross' act with brother's ashes in packed pool

Viewers have called for the tourist's arrest over the incident.

A woman has sparked outrage after sharing footage of herself apparently sprinkling her dead sibling's ashes at popular Ibiza outdoor club, Ushuaïa.

The clip, captioned "Just me sprinkling my brother about Ushuaïa" reveals the blonde tourist scattering grey dust from a small bottle in an ankle-deep pool packed with partygoers.

Woman sprinkling ashes in Ibiza club pool packed with people
A woman was filmed sprinkling her dead brother's ashes in an Ibiza club pool. Photo: X

Originally posted on TikTok, the video went viral when it was shared on X (formerly Twitter).


The woman in question appeared to be having a great old time as she appeared to scatter the ashes, smiling and dancing along to the music in the background, then twisting the lid of the urn back on.

Ashes move sparks uproar

However, the act has stirred anger across the globe, with viewers calling it "gross" and "disgusting". "My God, that is one of the dirtiest things I've ever seen," wrote one X user, while another commented, "She should be arrested."

Worse things in pool?

Others joked about the cleanliness of the pool in Ibiza writing, "Least disgusting thing in a club pool in Ibiza" and "Human ash is probably the last thing to worry about in a pool in Ibiza."

One commenter even praised the woman's idea, saying, "Fair play. I wouldn't mind having my ashes scattered at Ushuaïa."


Ibiza club not impressed

Ushuaïa is described as the number-one outdoor club in Ibiza and hosts performances by the world's biggest DJs, such as David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix.

The original poster has since put her TikTok profile on private and is said to have been contacted by staff at the Ibiza club to take the post down.

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