Aussie influencer reveals grim reality of holidaying in Europe: 'Dying to go home'

The OnlyFans star has said half what you see of Italy on social media is 'edited', 'filtered' and 'not real'.

Australian influencer and OnlyFans sensation, Mikaela Testa, has pulled back the curtain on the not-so-glamourous side of jet-setting across Europe during the summertime. In a candid TikTok shared with her 2.4 million followers, Testa delivered an unfiltered take on the often romanticised European escapade, and let's just wasn't all sunshine and gelato.

Straight-shooting Testa minced no words as she described her Italian ordeal, saying, "If you're not in Europe this summer and you're really sad about it, don't be, please. It is not all it's cracked up to be." The influencer then shared a glimpse into her day on the Italian island of Capri, revealing the less-than-rosy realities she and her friends encountered.

Mikaela Testa in Europe
The influencer and her friends struggled to enjoy Capri because of all the walking involved. Photo: TikTok/@mikaelatesta

Venting her frustrations, Testa didn't hold back as she chronicled a string of grievances. From stumbling upon a cat that had been run over, unintentionally wandering down the wrong path for a solid 15 minutes, and battling unfavourable summer heat with no water to drink, she detailed a litany of woes.


"It takes the entire day to walk to a location you want to go," Testa complained, "and I feel like there's a lot of things...influencers come to these locations and make them look so amazing, and so pretty and so photogenic, but half of it is edited and filtered and not real."

Mikaela Testa has been in Europe for three months
Testa said after 3 months in Europe, they hate 'everything around' them. Photo: TikTok/mikaelatesta

While showcasing footage of her group aboard a boat off the coast of Capri, she went on to say, "I hardly see anyone mentioning any negatives, I don’t even want to mention them because I don’t want to be that bitch."

Despite being in one of Europe's most stunning coastal settings, Testa confessed she couldn't fully relish swimming in the ocean due to her unwavering Aussie fear of being "swallowed whole" by a "giant shark." As if that weren't enough, she recounted a bout of seasickness that ended with her friend's less-than-glamourous upchucking overboard.

Mikaela Testa and her friends on a yacht in Europe
Testa documented one Capri location they liked, before saying it was ruined by sea-sickness. Photo: TikTok/@mikaelatesta

"It's been three months," she continues, "we’re just dying to go home at this point, we’re just hating, we’re being negative, you get to a point in life where you start to hate everything around you and you just need something stable. Like my own bed my own TV and my cats."

She also said the endless walking in Europe was too much, claiming she must be burning around 3000 calories a day, whilst suffering "heat stroke" and continually having to douse themselves in water.

Testa wasn't entirely immune to the charms of Europe, however, sprinkling in a couple of sunny takes. If she ever does decide to go to Italy again, she shared her intention to indulge in a "million" lemon filled sorbets, calling it the "best thing she's ever eaten." She also gave a thumbs-up to the Italian men, playfully admitting, "I've never wanted to marry an ethnicity more. These men seem like the best men in the whole world."

Amidst the sea of Testa's followers who found themselves nodding in agreement with her candid observations – and taking a moment to appreciate her friend's crochet pants – there were a few dissenting voices that thought she might be laying it on a tad thick.

"Seeing someone hate ur dream life is just soul crushing," one person wrote, while another added, "I would die to be able to travel that much."

"It is so pretty there," someone else chimed in, "Try to appreciate it when you're there cause when you look back, you realise how amazing it really was."

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