Woman sparks fury after slamming man for common flight act: 'Would never'

A passenger's seat recline has sparked an in-flight etiquette debate on TikTok

A recent TikTok video has set the internet ablaze, reigniting the age-old debate surrounding the etiquette of seat reclining during flights. Shared by user Loren Hodgson, the viral video has rapidly amassed over 3.8 million views, dividing viewers into opposing camps.

The video captures a moment of palpable frustration as a woman grapples with the passenger in front of her who has reclined their seat, encroaching on her personal space. She raises her eyebrows in irritation and subtly shifts to accommodate the newly reclined seat ahead.

The TikToker posted a video of herself
The TikToker posted a video of a passenger "hating on" a man in front of her for reclining his plane seat. Photo: TikTok/@by.loren

The text overlay reads: "Me hating on people who push their seats back on a plane because I actually respect people’s space and would never do it."

In the caption, Loren poses the question: "I don’t know what’s worse – this or a barefoot through the armrest."


The video, however, has served as a catalyst for a passionate debate within the comments section. While some align with Hodgson's perspective, questioning the rationale behind seat reclining on planes, others adopt a more practical stance, asserting that if you've paid for a seat designed to recline, utilising that function is your prerogative.

"I'm not sitting through an 11 hour flight with my back upright ma'am I'd rather miss my flight," one person wrote, with another firmly asserting, "I'm reclining whether it's a 20 minute flight or 17 hour flight."

"If I paid for a seat and it reclines and I'm on a long trip, I'm reclining the seat. Bye," chimed in a third.

Others pointed out that reclining seats don't significantly affect legroom and suggested Hodgson either recline her own seat too, or opt for better tickets.

Nevertheless, there were passengers who aligned with the anti-reclining stance and offered inventive methods to thwart those who attempt to lay back their seats.

"Not me instantly with my knees/legs up so the person in front can’t recline… sorry babes looks like your chairs broke," one person laughed.

"At night I totally understand, like you get comfortable, but if it’s day for the whole flight I could understand because planes have limited room," said another.

An ex flight crew member offered a balanced perspective, "a passenger has the right to recline the seat they paid for, but during meal service we ask them to put it upright."

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