Dad's act on plane with wife and kids causes fury: 'Divorce. IMMEDIATELY'

The man's aeroplane seat swap has sparked internet uproar.

Flying with children can be trying enough for parents, not to mention other passengers, but one recent incident has left social media utterly flabbergasted. The high-flying drama unfolded when a TikTok user found herself seated next to a mother juggling a baby in her lap and a toddler beside her during a flight.

The woman, who captured footage inside the cabin for TikTok which has since been viewed over 3 million times, began by stating, "It was a lot."

Woman on a flight with two children
A man left his wife to care for three young children on a flight while he sat alone. Photo: Getty

Laying the foundation for an in-flight incident that would soon incite social media outrage, she went on to recount, "I offered to switch seats with the dad who was a few rows up so he could be with his family."


The father accepted the generous offer, seemingly eager to be with his loved ones mid-flight, however, what transpired next left the passenger fuming. Instead of occupying the newly vacated seat next to his wife and children, the father dispatched yet another young child to sit with them, opting for a child-free journey himself.

The woman added the caption, "A little Sunday rage for you" to the TikTok, along with the hashtag #deadbeatdad, and social media wasted no time jumping right on board.

Caption. Photo: TikTok/@one_toughmother
Social media users were outraged that the man accepted the offer to switch seats, sending a third child to sit with his wife. Photo: TikTok/@one_toughmother

Users erupted in fury as they expressed their indignation at the father's actions. Outraged comments poured in, with one person exclaiming, "I'd. be. so. mad." Others took a more drastic stance, with one user even boldly stating, "Divorce IMMEDIATELY." The consensus was clear—leaving a mother alone with three children on a plane was simply unacceptable.

However, some posed a question worth considering: If the father had taken the seat himself, leaving another child alone, would that have been a better solution?

"Even if he went to sit with his family, who would the small child sit next to?" one user astutely pointed out.

"He should have said thank you for the offer but no thanks!" Someone else suggested, with several others agreeing he should have declined the offer so the mother only had to deal with two children, not all three.

"WHY WOULD HE MOVE? WTF?" exclaimed another.

"It would be nice if dad and mum took turns," said someone else.

Amid the debate, some suggested the passenger who made the initial offer should have rescinded it upon realising that it wouldn't be the father taking the seat.

"I would have changed my mind instantly," more than one person admitted.

Others took a hard-line approach, with one person humorously noting, "If my husband was like that, we would be divorced before landing."

Another person chimed in, "Mine sat in first class and left me in the back with the kids. We aren’t married anymore!"

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