Woman slammed for 'selfish' act towards bride: ‘So odd’

A woman has been lambasted online after she objected to her husband walking his sister down the aisle.

Posting about the conundrum on Reddit, the woman explained her 37-year-old husband Mike had a close relationship with his 28-year-old sister, Beth, who had issues with her father growing up.

"She went no contact with him after he took her first car and damaged it. She only remained in contact with Mike since everybody else judged her for going no contact."

The woman explained Beth was now getting married to her fiancé of three years, and despite her starting to reconcile with her father, she did not want him to walk her down the aisle and asked her brother instead.

A father walks a bride down the aisle.
The woman claims the bride's father should be the one to walk her down the aisle. Source: Getty

"I have to say that I was taken aback and it felt a bit off for me because, her dad is alive, they're on speaking terms again, he's gonna be there at the wedding so the logical thing to do is have him walk her down the aisle," the woman said in her post.

"This role isn't for her older brother but her father. Not to mention how my father-in-law will feel about it. I brought this up with Beth and she had an attitude and implied that I was just saying this and objecting because of how I feel about the situation not how our traditions should be practised."

The woman added her husband said she was being "unreasonable" and could cause him to miss out on a sentimental moment and feels honoured to have been asked by his sister.


"Now we're having this conflict (3 of us) and cannot seem to reach a solution," the woman ended her post.

People on Reddit however had no sympathy for the woman, with some telling her to "grow up".

"What [the f***] is wrong with you? You're the only person that takes issue with this, and yours is the opinion that was neither wanted nor sought. You need to back off, or just go be miserable somewhere else," one slammed the woman.

"This is so odd, she seems to think she has an equal say in a situation that has nothing to do with her," another commented.

"The person who walks her down the aisle can be anyone that has played a big part in her life. You’ve acknowledged that your husband has been that for her. What does it matter who she chooses? It’s not your wedding or your business," a third added.

"Paints you as selfish and egocentric," a comment read.

Bride slammed for 'jealous' act

Weddings can often be surrounded by family drama and one bride was dubbed a "wicked stepmother" after she complained her fiancé wanted a "daddy/kid" dance with his two children from a previous marriage at their wedding.

"In my opinion I think it’s kinda stupid and not necessary," she wrote on Facebook.

“I guess I’m not understanding why he needs to dance with them when it’s our day (I realise that sounds selfish). I really think the only child/parent dances should be my father and I, and he with his mum. Am I overreacting and should just let it happen?”

Hundreds of people however took to social media to condemn the bride.

“It’s really interesting being able to watch the formation of the actual wicked stepmother,” one wrote.

“Just say you hate his kids. Come on now, say it with your whole chest,” a second said.

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