Aussie bride slammed by family over 7 strict wedding rules

An Aussie bride's TikTok about her strict rules for her wedding has been viewed over 745,000 times with the social media user revealing she's been slammed by her family and other guests because of them.

The bride-to-be, who goes by @pinkpartypunch on the app, began by saying, "My partner and I have copped so much s**t over the rules that we have for our wedding in February."

An Aussie bride has been slammed over her strict wedding rules, which she shared in a TikTok that's been viewed almost 750,000 times. Photo: TikTok/pinkpartypunch
An Aussie bride has been slammed over her strict wedding rules, which she shared in a TikTok that's been viewed almost 750,000 times. Photo: TikTok/pinkpartypunch

She then continued, saying, "This is the one that caused most of the stir... we're not having any children except for our own son at our wedding.

"This is for a lot of reasons," she added, saying they are getting married at a registry and only have 50 seats and if everyone brought their children, they wouldn't have enough space for all of their loved ones.

"Number two is that the bar tab will not be starting until 5pm. Our reception is starting at two o'clock, we really don't want everyone to be legless and going home in a taxi before the night has even begun. We want everyone to look in the photos, feel good and for the bar tab to last into the night as well."


Her next rule is that there will be no phones at the ceremony, with the bride-to-be going so far as to threaten to stop the wedding if anyone pulls out a phone, "I will literally stop what I'm doing in the middle of my vows if I have to and go tell you to put your phone away. We are paying $3,000 for a photographer. Take pictures with us afterwards."

In another rule, the TikToker shared that she will not be having any plus ones because "if we wanted them there they would be", adding that she knows it's "a bit harsh but quite frankly, it's the truth".

"I do not want to be forking out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, for this wedding to pay for drinks and food and entertainment for someone I don't even know, and I really don't want strangers in the photos," she added.

The fifth rule was that she wanted everyone in attendance to "dress to impress", adding everyone needs to put in a lot of effort with how they look.

Next, she said she didn't want anyone else to make any big announcements during her big day, "If you announce that you are pregnant, or propose at my wedding, or announce you're engaged, I will drag you out, not if you're pregnant, I'm not insane, but I will literally get you out.

"This is the one day that I've been looking forward to since I was a little girl. This is not about you, leave it for another day."

Her last rule was that she didn't want anyone else to announce she and her partner were married until she had a chance to do so herself.

She added, "I also just want to clarify that these are not just my rules, these are mine and my fiancé's agreed upon rules... we both agreed it's what's happening! Don't go to people's weddings if you don't agree with their rules!"

While comments on the video were turned off, viewers took to other videos to share their thoughts, agreeing with her rules despite her family and friends thinking they were too extreme.

"Just saw your vid on wedding rules.. all are 100 per cent perfectly reasonable," one user wrote.

"Just came from the other wedding rules vid and you are giving me things I want at my wedding, 100 per cent agree on them," another said.

"Your wedding rules are definitely justified and so reasonable!" a third agreed.

"Your wedding rules are actually really smart in all honesty probably will use some for my future wedding," someone else added.

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