Bride slammed for 'jealous' act: 'Wicked stepmother'

A bride has been slammed online after acting like a ‘wicked stepmother’ towards her new stepchildren.

Taking to Facebook, the bride complained about her fiancé’s close relationship with his children.

Bride and groom kissing at their wedding
A bride has been slammed online for her 'selfish' actions. Photo: Getty

“I need to know if I am overreacting and being irrational,” she began. “My fiancé has two kids from a previous marriage, and plans to do a daddy/kid dance during our reception. In my opinion I think it’s kinda stupid and not necessary.

“I guess I’m not understanding why he needs to dance with them, when it’s our day (I realise that sounds selfish). I really think the only child/parent dances should be my father and I, and he with his mum. Am I overreacting and should just let it happen?” she asked.


A screenshot was shared in a popular Facebook group, with hundreds of people condemning the bride.

“It’s really interesting being able to watch the formation of the actual wicked stepmother,” one group member wrote.

“Just say you hate his kids. Come on now, say it with your whole chest,” a second said.

“Gross. What a terrible take for a bride to be over the inclusions of her future step kids. They will be her family too, and she will share responsibility for helping raise them. This will just be the start at how selfish this b**** will be against those children and those children will notice it day in and day out,” another pointed out.

Other users chimed in with their own ‘evil stepmother’ stories.

“Join a step mum group if you want to know how gross 90% are. It’s horrifying and scary af,” a group member pointed out.

“As an adult I have unfortunately learned that the ‘wicked stepmother’ stereotype exists for a reason…as a kid I really thought nasty mean stepmothers were really made up for stories,” a second wrote.

“I know a number of women who do not treat their stepchildren even remotely equivalent to their own kids. Not only are they horrible people but so are their spouses who allow their children to be treated like second class citizens in their home,” a third added.

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