Bride's 'towel' wedding cake roasted: 'This looks horrible'

A bride has been savaged on social media after she tried to sell a wedding cake made out of towels.

The ‘cake’ is made out of white towels rolled up, with some lace ribbon and flowers shoved haphazardly into the structure.

Bride and Groom smile at each other as they cut their cake
A bride has been torn apart online after creating a 'cake' from towels. Photo: Getty

“Brand new wedding cake made out of towels. Each pillar has a white towel and grey towel inside. Cash only,” the seller wrote.


The 'cake' was first listed for sale at $75, but the price was quickly slashed to $25 after there were no takers.

A photo of the listing was shared on a popular wedding Facebook group and people couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“I bet it tastes dry,” one person quipped.

“I fluctuate between being mortified for the creator because they obviously feel their creative work is worthy of selling…and being irritated that they don’t realise how bad it is,” a second added.

“If someone invited me to a wedding and this is the cake, I’m wiping my hands on it on my way out the door,” another remarked.

A wedding cake made from towels
The seller tried to sell this 'monstrosity' for $75. Photo: Facebook

“It isn’t even tiered right? At least make it look nice if you are going with this stupid idea,” commented a fourth.

There were a few people who said that the sculpture was likely intended for bridal showers, rather than actual weddings.

“I think it’s for a shower gift, having seen a similar monstrosity at a small-town, stuck in the 80s bridal shower. They are as horrifying in person as you’d think,” a group user advised.

“This looks horrible but I like the idea. We received a diaper cake and it was really nice looking and came in handy. For a shower gift, if done better, this could be cute,” a second added.

“I don’t understand people saying that this is a great shower gift. I’d be so confused if someone gave me this. And I’d think they were super tacky,” another chimed in.

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