What happened after MAFS' Adam stormed out of commitment ceremony

The controversial groom walked out after writing 'leave'.

Married At First Sight's Adam Seed left the show’s experts and fellow participants stunned during Sunday night’s episode when he dramatically stormed out of the commitment ceremony.

The 35-year-old entrepreneur - who was involved in this season’s cheating scandal with Claire Nomarhas - and his wife Janelle Han became the third couple to exit the experiment this season after they both wrote ‘leave’.

MAFS' Adam Seed storming out.
MAFS’ Adam Seed was put in a taxi immediately after storming out of the commitment ceremony. Photos: Channel Nine / Supplied

While none of his co-stars raced after him when he walked out of the commitment ceremony doors, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that what happened next was equally as lonely for the controversial groom.

A source tells us: “Producers just put him in a taxi back to his solo apartment, told him to pack his bags and there'd be a taxi arriving in the morning.

“There was no big farewell with the boys, no hugs or anything really – he just left and no one seemed to care.”


The insider adds that while it’s typical for cast members to meet up the following morning to say a proper goodbye to the exiting participants away from the cameras, Adam didn't get this.

However, Yahoo Lifestyle understands that the group all rallied behind Janelle as they returned home that night and the following morning, with many of them crying as they hugged her goodbye.

MAFS' Janelle Han.
Janelle says Adam’s dramatic walkout had to do with his ‘pride’. Photo: Channel Nine

'He didn't want to face the music'

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the episode, Janelle confirms that she didn’t see Adam after he stormed out of the room and they haven’t been in contact since the show wrapped filming.

“I do not speak to him, I do not talk to him, and the next time I see him will be the reunion,” she says.

The beauty influencer also shared her thoughts on Adam’s dramatic walk-out, explaining that she believes it had to do with his ego.


“The thing with Adam is that he has a lot of pride and you could see that throughout the entire experiment,” she details. “If you even questioned his character he would blow up, like when I questioned his career and he was so clearly insecure about it and got so defensive.

“So when the group and the experts were holding him accountable for his actions and telling him that his apology had no meaning to it, he could not take it and he didn't want to face the music, so he left pretty quickly.”

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