MAFS 2023: Everything you need to know about Adam Seed

Get to know the man with the mystery job.

It's the mystery that gripped all of Australia: what does Married At First Sight star Adam Seed really do for work? After all, the 35-year-old "entrepreneur" from Queensland was pretty cagey about his business ventures after saying "I do" to on-screen bride Janelle Han.

We've found out everything you need to know about this secretive groom, including what he does for work and just how many times he's appeared on reality TV.

MAFS stars Janelle and Adam
MAFS couple Janelle and Adam have been involved in plenty of drama since tying the knot. Source: Nine

Adam's online competition business

According to his MAFS bio, cocky and confident Adam is "always on the lookout for the next business opportunity", but is that just code for unemployed?

He is the co-founder of a business called Meta Competitions, a "rewards club" lucky dip of sorts, where he and his business partner go live via Facebook to announce winners of "forever changing prizes". Sounds legit... until you see that the site hasn't run any competitions or been active since April 2022, a mere two months after it first launched.


Footage has also reportedly been leaked of Adam telling MAFS producers he's worked in construction, modelling and TV, as well as being an assistant in a Covid-19 lab and acting as a real estate agent. Phew. That's a lot of jobs for a guy who seems to spend most of his time on reality TV dating shows. But more on that later.

His official Channel Nine bio reveals that Adam has only moved back to Australia recently after "calling London home for the past six years", so perhaps he just hasn't found something he can really sink his teeth into since returning to Aussie shores. Now he's here though, Adam says he hopes to find love Down Under with someone who is "as mature, honest and open" as he is.

Serial reality TV star

It just so happens that Married At First Sight isn't Adam's first foray into reality TV, with the British ex-pat also appearing on not just one but three other shows. In 2017, Adam appeared in the UK series Coach Trip, in which 14 tourists travelled across Europe in a bus. He also appeared on the UK dating series Dinner Date and made an appearance on Celebrity Ex in the City, where he was matched with one of the members of the UK girl group Sugababes.

Adam on Dinner Dates
Adam attempted to find a mate on UK reality dating show Dinner Dates. Photo: ITV

Since then he's also been buddying up with former Aussie reality TV contestants, with sources revealing he's pals with MAFS 2022's Brent Vitiello, who he allegedly hit up for tips ahead of this season.

Adam says he's done with the dating apps (but not dating shows it seems), and now just wants to find something more meaningful with "someone who is ready to settle down".

Born in England with Jamaican West Indian heritage, Adam was adopted by Australian parents who raised him in Queensland. In his twenties, he was in a relationship for almost 10 years and became engaged before he realised he was too young to settle down.

Cheating history

When asked about his past, Adam revealed to Janelle's brothers that he had in fact cheated on his former fiance.

"My head is telling me 'once a cheater, always a cheater' but at the same time I'm not the same person I was 10 years ago and he probably isn't either," Janelle said when she was confronted with the information by her protective siblings. As it turns out, her initial instincts were pretty spot-on.

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