MAFS' Jessika Power reveals 'secret' behind filming the dinner parties

EXCLUSIVE: The outspoken bride has pulled back the curtain on the reality show.

Former Married At First Sight star Jessika Power has revealed a major behind-the-scenes secret about how the show’s iconic dinner party episodes are filmed.

The outspoken bride, who made her mark on the sixth season of MAFS when she engaged in a ‘cheating scandal’ with Dan Webb, tells Yahoo Lifestyle there were a few instances during her time on the show when the participants would have to film some of their dinner party scenes on the day of the commitment ceremony.

MAFS’ Jessika Power.
MAFS’ Jessika Power has shared a major behind-the-scenes secret from the show. Photo: Channel Nine

“You would be surprised at how many times each of us would get sent home after a dinner party because we've had one too many drinks and we'd have to come back the next day before the commitment ceremony with two outfits,” she says.

“[You’d wear] the outfit that you wore the night before at the dinner party - same hair, same earrings, same makeup, same dress, same heels - and then do the voxie because obviously, you can't be intoxicated when you do the interviews. Then you’d have to go the bathroom, get changed and get into your commitment ceremony outfit.”


Jessika went on to share that there was one commitment ceremony on her season that had to be shut down midway through because there was a major thunderstorm that affected the sound.

“Everybody had to be separated into hotels that night, every couple that hadn't been on the couch yet, and we had to come back the next day with the same hair, same makeup, same everything and then start the conversation off from where we had left it,” she explains.

“And the conversation was me and Mick [Gould] and he was screaming at me on the couch, but obviously over the night he had calmed down and understood that he was being a bit over the top so he wasn't having that same energy.

“I remember the executive producer came out and got pretty upset with him and said, ‘You need to be consistent from yesterday, yesterday you were angry’, and he said, ‘Yeah but I'm not angry at her now’.”

MAFS’ Jessika Power and Mick Gould.
Jessika says one of the commitment ceremonies on her season had to be filmed over two days due to the weather. Photo: Channel Nine

Is MAFS scripted?

While MAFS fans often question whether the reality show is ‘scripted’ or if the participants are ever told what to do, Jessika explains there were only a few times in her season where scenes were ‘produced’.


“The only thing really, and it’s not really that exciting, is if Mick and I were sitting in the room and we were talking about like, what do you want to have for breakfast or what do you want to do today, then the producers would step in,” she details.

“They’d say, ‘No no no, boring, why don't we talk about what happened last night at the dinner party?’, and then your conversation is naturally flowing from there. But they give you a topic because people don't want to hear about what type of meals you’re eating.”

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