Wedding shoes spark major debate: Do you love them or hate them?

A pair of unique bridal heels has sparked an unexpectedly passionate debate online, with users polarised over whether the shoes are an avant-garde fashion ‘yes’ or a downright mess of a footwear situation.

The shoes were initially shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group by someone convinced she was witnessing the death of bridal sophistication.

Bride adjusts wedding shoes in bridal gown as debate rages over controversial wedges
A bride's unusual choice of wedding shoes had sparked a massive debate online. Photo: Getty Images

“Found these gems in a forbidden snack group, big yikes,” she wrote alongside a screenshot of the bride’s post.

The photo shows a pair of white wedge heels covered in lace with beaded detailing. An ankle strap in the same material, artfully fashioned into floral shapes, holds the chunky shoe together.

Image of bride wearingwhite wedding wedge heels with lace and beaded materiel, scoop open front and lacy beaded strap that have divided opinions online.
The beaded wedge heels are not everyone's cup of tea. Photo: Facebook

A product of discount online store Wish, which has a famously rocky reputation when it comes to fashion items, the shoes were a hit with the bride, who in the original caption reported: “I am in love!”.

Unusual heels divide opinion

It turns out, plenty of other people were as well, with many finding the shoes adorable.

“I think they're so cute,” one woman wrote.

“I really love them,” another agreed. “I would wear them at my wedding.”

“These are beautiful,” another argued, though admitted the occasion was perhaps a bad fit: “Not for a wedding though.”

Others couldn’t believe what they were reading, saying the shoes were some of the worst they had seen online – a bold claim in the often bonkers world of wedding attire.

“How could anybody like these?!” one person wondered.

“They’re hideous in every way,” another agreed.

“They're so clunky and ugly [to be honest],” another shared. “[I] can't even imagine how weird it would make your legs and feet look in a full-length picture.”

“I'm glad I wasn't the only one who saw these and thought they were cheesy monstrosities,” another confessed. “I hate them.”

The polarising shoes have seen hundreds of comments and likes left on the post so far.

With the jury still out on whether or not the shoes are wedding-appropriate, it looks like brides-to-be will have to make their own call on whether they’re going to rock these bad boys down the aisle.

Just don’t expect everyone to compliment you if you do.

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