Awkward detail on 'tablecloth' wedding dress stuns

Wedding dresses are always a contentious issue.

A style one person loathes might be another’s dream gown, but even in the most personal world of weddings, some styles are universally accepted as beyond the pale.

One of those is anything that threatens a wardrobe malfunction of the unrecoverable variety – that is, a slip of the skirt.

Image of lace wedding dress bohemia two piece compared to 'table cloth' 'lace doily' exposes underwear
A bride's wedding gown had onlookers doing a double take. Photo: Facebook

Nude gowns and plunging neckline may push the envelope, but a dangerous crotch area undeniably tears it to pieces, as one bride learned after an unfortunate detail on her lacy gown left her a little more exposed than she thought.

The wedding dress in question was shared to a wedding shaming Facebook page, where it divided opinion with it’s very doily-like materiel and split top and skirt.

Many compared it to a tablecloth, while others confessed they liked the bohemian feel, just not for a wedding.

Onlookers spot awkward detail in lace

Close view shows lace leaves bride's nether regions exposed in two piece wedding dress
A closer looks showed the dresses bold loose lace left the bride a little too exposed. Photo: Facebook

What only a few spotted however, was a far more pressing issue with the gown, namely a gaping lacy detail in a very unfortunate spot.

“That waistband/crotch doily looks real bad. You can see her nude underwear!” one person pointed out. “It's so unflattering!”

“Looks like she’s gonna end up crotch flashing grandma through that oversize doily...” another agreed, conjuring possible the worst wedding image we’ve ever come across.

“That first piece of lace or whatever you wanna call it is straight-up one movement away from showing coochie,” another agreed.

On closer inspection, the gown is indeed skating on very thin ice in the decency department.

Many, however, liked the look, preferring it for a music festival or other event over a wedding, but nonetheless praising the very unique style.

“I love this, but not for a wedding dress,” one person wrote. “This would be something I would wear to a festival.”

“Honestly if I had the body for it I'd wear it,’ another wrote. “Be perfect for a beach wedding.”

She’s not the first bride to cause a stir with her wedding attire.

One wedding dress recently raised eyebrows, after it’s unique design had onlookers comparing it to a ‘hairball’ and ‘feather duster’.

It’s not only the wedding dress either, a mother-in-law’s choice to dress in an ivory gown with a train left another bride fuming, and a bridesmaid was devastated when the bride-to-be demanded she lose weight ahead of her wedding.

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