Bizarre new coronavirus wedding attire divides opinions

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, masks have become one of the most popular items in stores, but now it seems as though wedding designers are cashing in on the item.

A post on Reddit in the Wedding Shaming subreddit revealed that bridal face masks are now for sale.

Couple getting married
A new coronavirus wedding accessory has divided opinions on Reddit. Photo: Getty

The caption simply read, "No. Just, no," and was accompanied by photos of masks in various bridal colours and fabrics.

One user joked, "Are they made of bras?!" Another user added, "As long as they only use the left cup then it's all good. No one wants to look like a right tit."

Someone else said, "I'm sure that top right one is just the cup of a lacy bra with ear elastics on it!"

The price, which starts at around $56, upset a lot of people in the comments as well.

Others joked at how the ceremony might go if the couple is wearing masks, "You may now press your faces to each other because you can't kiss," wrote one person, with another adding, "You may now tough elbows with the bride."

Many Reddit users thought the bridal face masks resembled bras. Photo: Reddit
Many Reddit users thought the bridal face masks resembled bras. Photo: Reddit

Some users thought the idea was a good one, "I think we will be probably using face masks for a long time, so, why not? But the price... Ooooh."

Another person responded, "Yeah, if we do semi-social distancing for years, I suspect $50 is a big bargain. In six months either this is all over or these will be $300."

Some users commented that the combination of the masks being for a wedding and a pandemic made them seriously expensive.

A seamstress commented on the post saying the cost was justified, "I think they are beautiful. I’m a seamstress and these do not look like they're used bras - they look similar to bras only because of the lace overlay.

“I’ve been making masks as well and they are very time consuming to make this type (pleated takes like five minutes) but fitted takes at least 30-1 hour and the fabric looks to be of high quality and beading is very time consuming and lace is expensive. Not sure why this is being shamed given the current situation we are all in."

One thing’s for sure, weddings won’t be the same for a while, so maybe these will become the new norm?

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