Bride-to-be's 'see-through' wedding dress disaster

If you’ve ever gone wedding dress shopping, you’ll know exactly how mind-boggling the experience can be, with hundreds of shapes, colours and styles to choose from.

But one bride-to-be has been left flabbergasted after she ordered a range of five different gowns from budget online marketplace, Wish, only to discover that the majority of them were completely see-through.

New Zealand YouTuber Shannon Harris, who also has 1.5 million Instagram followers, uploaded a video called: “Trying on WISH APP Wedding Dresses! DISASTER??” to her account, where she revealed that you get exactly what you pay for.

Shannon Harris wear Wish wedding dress
Dress 1: Shannon Harris tried on an array of wedding dresses from Wish. Photo: YouTube/Shannon Harris

The first dress cost just $30 and while it looked like an elegant formal gown in the Wish photo, Shannon felt it made her appear a lot bigger than she is and even like ‘one of those Barbie dolls on the top of a Christmas cake’

Swiftly moving on to the second dress, things only got worse for Shannon, who realised that the $34 off-the-shoulder number, was completely see-through from the waist down.

Shannon Harris in off-the-shoulder white wedding dress
Dress 2: Despite liking the style, this one was completely see-through. Photo: YouTube/Shannon Harris

“The bottom of the dress does absolutely nothing for me it’s completely see through. I can see my g-string. It’s not good,” she said to the camera.

Despite still being a ‘tiny bit’ see-through, dress three was ‘one of the best made dresses of the bunch’.

Shannon Harris in floral wedding dress
Dress 3: The third dress was the best made of the bunch. Photo: YouTube/Shannon Harris

The $16 floral lace evening gown had a ‘beautiful floral pattern lace pattern’ but Shannon admitted that she would still have to wear Spanx underneath it because you can see where her underwear cut off.

The budget dress video continued with dress four showing off ‘a lot of side boob’, which Shannon isn’t a huge fan of, and dress five also being ‘very very booby’.

Shannon Harris from New Zealand looks unhappy in wedding dress
Dress 4: The fourth dress looked nothing like the photo. Photo: YouTube/Shannon Harris

“I definitely need some kind of Spanx because it’s just very thin and you can see every lump and bump through the fabric,” Shannon said about the final choice.

“It doesn’t look like the picture. I look like I’m about to go get married in Vegas but in the bad way. I don’t feel classy, I don’t feel timeless, it’s too thin.”

YouTuber Shannon Harris tries on budget wedding dresses from
Dress 5: The last dress was 'very booby'. Photo: YouTube/Shannon Harris

While Shannon obviously wasn't the biggest fan of any of the five dresses, her fans couldn’t stop complimenting her on the third dress she tried on.

“I actually love the 3rd dress on you, it looks really good, especially considering how cheap it is!,” one person commented.

“The 3rd one (16$) was so SO pretty on you! often when you say it‘s not flattering on you I think it looks great hahaI think it‘s the best one yet!,” another person said.

Others recommended using the lace from the cheap dresses to make a veil or alter the third one so she could wear it to her wedding rehearsal dinner.

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