The lingerie shopping fail baffling the internet

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A woman's attempt to purchase a clear bra went very wrong. Photo:

A shopper has been left befuddled after an online lingerie order took a strange turn.

Ordering a see-through plastic bra from online retailer is a dangerous game to play, and as one woman quickly discovered, not without some serious risks.

For those familiar with the world of, the shopping flop will come as no surprise - but to the uninitiated, is an online marketplace peddling everything and anything imaginable within the confines of the law.

This includes, as it turns out, underwear with no perceivable function, opacity or real structural integrity.

One woman discovered this the hard way after ordering the ‘Transparent Clear Bra Invisible Strap Plastic Bra’ from the online retailer to give it a whirl.

Perfect as a glitter boob support system, the bra does not live up to its promises. Photo:

Sharing her tale to Reddit, the woman explained that the interesting contraption tragically did not live up to its promises of durability.

A steal at $5, and only $2 for shipping, the bra promises ‘high-quality materials’ and ‘every diligent design consideration’, but as the lady learned, its promises rang hollow.

A 30-second disaster

The lady who took the plunge said as a stripper, she was hoping to use the look for work, but it was not to be.

“It lasted 30 seconds but it squashed my nipples and probably broke a rib in the process,” the brave guinea pig wrote on a Reddit thread exploring the properties of the baffling bra.

“My nips looked so sad behind that cheap plastic.”

The woman explained the bra was made of a Christmas bauble-like material and was about as durable.

“Hooks are clear, straps are pingy death traps and the whole thing broke,” she wrote.

“It was a wild ride and I hated it, all for £1.99 ($5AUD).”

Many were questioning the breathability of the contraption. Photo:

Other commentators on the thread questioned other aspects of the bra that struck them as wholly impractical.

“So much boob sweat,” one predicted.

“My boobs are sweating profusely just looking at it,” another agreed.

Safe to say this is one booby trap we’re steering well clear of.

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