'This is atrocious': Wedding guest slammed for 'pathetic' act

Dressing for a wedding can be tricky at times, and choosing the right gown to celebrate a loved one’s happy day can be a minefield.

Weddings are peppered with rules on everything from what you can wear, to what you should gift, to who gets an invite, however as a guest there is one rule that you absolutely must follow above anything, it’s about the colour of your dress.

Woman looks at row of wedding gowns don't wear a wedding dress to someone else's wedding
When it comes to picking a wedding outfit, a bridal store is the biggest no-go-zone. Photo: Getty Images

Everyone knows it’s unacceptable to wear white to another woman’s wedding, and it is absolutely beyond the pale, excuse the pun, to wear anything that might be considered a wedding dress itself.

It’s no surprise, therefore that one woman has found herself being absolutely roasted online after an image of her outfit choice at a wedding was shared to a wedding shaming group.

‘This is not the bride’: Wedding enthusiasts do double-take

Wedding guest pictured wearing full wedding dress in 'pathetic' move
This wedding guest's very... bridal choice of outfit has onlookers seeing red. Photo" Facebook

At a first glance the snap seems to show a bride in a classic, if slightly dated wedding gown, taking a time out on her big day.

As the person who posted the snap clarified however, the woman in the photo was not the bride, but rather a guest, and possibly even the groom’s mother.

“You’re probably wondering why this is shameworthy,” the photo was captioned. “Well, how do you feel now that you know she is not the bride?”

As it turned out many felt very strongly, taking to the post’s comments to slam the ‘pathetic’ move.

“I am speechless at how rude this woman is,” one person wrote.

“How dare you wear a bridal gown to another woman's wedding?” another wondered.

“Oh this is so atrocious,” another wrote.

Wedding guest the ‘mother-in-law from hell’

One shared that the same photo had cropped up in another group where the woman was identified as the groom’s mother.

“Mother-in-law from hell,” one person responded.

Others couldn’t get past the blatant lack of respect for the bride, regardless of who the offending woman is.

“I just feel like it's so insanely disrespectful to the bride,” one woman wrote.

“This has got to be the most disrespectful thing to do at someone's wedding,” another agreed

It’s not the first time a guest’s bad behaviour has upstaged a bride.

Another mother-in-law was recently roasted on Reddit after she did the same thing, and bought a wedding gown to wear to her son’s wedding, though she at least had the dignity to change dresses when asked by the bride.

A sister-in-law also got the roasting treatment after she opted for a bra-less singlet look for her brother’s big day, and even paired the too-casual top with a flowing pair of white pants.

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