Today's Karl Stefanovic snaps back at Sydney woman's viral 'ick' list

From clapping when the plane lands to owning a drone, Miss Double Bay's viral ick list has Aussies talking.

An Australian woman has gone viral after putting her extensive 'ick' list on her meme page, prompting hundreds of people to agree and add their own.

The brains behind popular satire sites Miss Double Bay and HingeBoiz, Claudia Bursill, uploaded an ick list that really got people talking, with the social media influencer appearing on the Today show to talk about it in detail.

But first things first...

What's an ick list?

In case you're not familiar with it, the concept of an ick list has been around for a while — basically an ick occurs when someone you're romantically interested in displays a behaviour you consider a turn-off.

Let's say everything is going along swimmingly and then all of a sudden they trip over their own shoelaces and it looks so pathetic you can't unsee it. Or maybe you've had three really successful dates then learn he wants to do a podcast. That kinda thing.

Icks can be shallow and superficial but they can also be deeply relatable — ick lists have been gaining traction on social media and platforms like TikTok, but we can't forget they've also made it to national TV before in Australia, with 2023 MAFS contestant Jesse Burford reading out his ick list on the show— which included girls who believed in astrology and crystals.

Jesse Burford revealed his ick list on MAFS 2023. Photo: Nine
Jesse Burford revealed his ick list on MAFS 2023. Photo: Nine

From doggy paddling to running for the bus...

Miss Double Bay's ick list left people vehemently agreeing with the hilarious specificity of some of the icks.

From doggy paddling in a pool, to drinking sippy yogurt, wearing a backpack to a pub, and drinking through a straw, the scathing list pointed out everyday behaviour that always feels a little embarrassing.

Satire account Miss Double Bay's viral ick list
Satire account Miss Double Bay's ick list went viral with its hilarious specificities. Photo:


People were quick to leave comments, adding their own icks.

"Trying to get the attention of restaurant staff, especially if they do the raised eyebrows/index finger in the air," one person said.

"The white stuff on the sides of their mouth when they’ve talked too much," another stated.

"Trying to get out of a beanbag," someone commented.


"When he ties up his shoelaces and the bows are much bigger than the ends 🤢," another said.

And my personal favourite:

"Running at a pigeon and it doesn’t move," one person lamented.

Miss Double Bay's viral ick list
More of the viral ick list. Photo:

Karl Stefanovic debates viral ick list

Miss Double Bay herself Claudia Bursill appeared on the Today show to talk more about the list of icks, adding drinking cows' milk and wearing a "polka dot tie" would be considered an ick, as the camera panned to Karl Stefanovic's polka dot tie.

Today show's Karl Stefanovic, Sarah Abo and Miss Double Bay creator Claudia Bursill
Miss Double Bay's ultimate ick list went viral, with many women agreeing. Photo: Nine


"I've got all of those things," Karl commented. "Look, I'm not worried about being an ick for you, because I'm quite happy because my wife likes my icks."

"I'm engaged as well, so don't worry," Claudia replied.

"How did you get engaged? There's so many things on this list," Karl retorted.

"There's still hope, many women put some of the icks aside just for the sake of love, and look, if you're taller than 6-foot you can get away with some of those icks," Claudia replied. "It's tough times out there for men."

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