Brutal Maid of Honour speech goes viral: 'Why have enemies?'

Laughter erupted across the wedding reception, but the bride looked less than impressed.

A bridesmaid has gone viral on social media after footage showed her delivering a “savage” wedding speech, leaving the bridal party and guests alike in stitches, but the bride...not so much.

The video was posted on a TikTok account dedicated to sharing wedding speech ideas and has since racked up over 4 million views.

Caption. Photo: TikTok/@speechsavvy
A bridesmaid's savage one-liner in her wedding speech has gone viral. Photo: TikTok/@speechsavvy

The woman in the footage appears to be a bridesmaid standing up to share a tribute to a newly married husband and wife.

With a playful grin, she starts, "Not many folks know this, but Patrick was actually one of the first people to have COVID." And then, she delivered the punchline, "He hasn't had taste for 6 years now." Cue the ba dum bum chh.


The room erupted in resounding applause and cheers. While the groom and best man can be seen laughing heartily, the bride...well, she looked less than pleased with the zinger, as she pursed her lips and took a long sip of her drink.

Social media had a field day of reactions, with many praising the joke. One person summed up the collective sentiment, stating, "If you can't joke like this, is she even your friend?"

Laughter peeled through the comment section, with one person declaring, "I'd be on the floor rolling," while another chimed in, "My best friend better do this."

The majority verdict? The speech was nothing short of hilariously "savage," as one commenter proclaimed, "That's a good roast," and another couldn't resist adding a "mic DROPPED."

However, not everyone saw the funny side, with some feeling the crack was below the belt.

"Nah, if I ever get married, I'm proof-reading their speeches," one person responded, while someone else added, "Why have enemies when you’ve got friends like this?"

Another viewer admitted they “would cry,” while one more chimed in, "If anyone did this to me, I think I'd genuinely have to swing at them."

Yet a subtle detail went seemingly unnoticed by many as the bridesmaid skilfully circled back, bringing the speech to a heartwarming conclusion: "All jokes aside, I'm so glad you found each other, even if it did take him 6 years to pop the question."

Friendship saved!

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