Woman's controversial relationship rules sparks debate on TikTok

From no strip clubs and porn to phone locations on, one woman's relationship rules has caused controversy online.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after sharing some controversial rules she credits to keeping her relationship with her boyfriend strong.

Gia Aldisert, 21, shared that she's been with her boyfriend for six years and says the couple abide by 10 set-in-stone rules when it comes to their relationship.

While some credited her list of rules as smart, many users rushed to the TikTok comments to disagree with the list, stating that it meant the couple didn't "trust" each other.

Gia Aldisert on TikTok
Gia Aldisert has racked up over 8 million views on TikTok with her "controversial" relationship rules. Photo: tiktok.com/giaaldisert

The rules:

There were 10 rules Gia and her boyfriend abided by to keep their relationship strong.

  1. Both always had to have their phone location turned on.

  2. Strip clubs not allowed: "I don't get the point of a guy with a girlfriend going to a strip club. Why are you paying her bills, you should, if anything, be paying my bills," Gia said.

  3. Both could go on girls' trips and boy's trips.

  4. No liking 'thirst trap' photos on Instagram

  5. Not allowed to follow Instagram models of the opposite sex.

  6. Can have friends of the opposite sex, but can't be best friends.

  7. Can both go to nightclubs.

  8. Know each other's phone passwords.

  9. No porn.

  10. No marriage until both are financially secure.

Basic relationship rules or controversial?

While Gia stated in her video that people found the rules controversial, the comments online were mixed and caused heated debate.


"Girl these are basic healthy relationship rules," one user commented.

"These are very valid and basic rules every relationship should have," another said.

"The thirst trap thing is very true, because anytime a guy w/a gf likes a selfie of me on my Insta story it gives me 2nd hand embarrassment," one person shared.

However, a lot of users circled back the the concept of trust, speculating that the rules meant the couple didn't trust each other.

"It is very weird to have rules in relationships if you trust each other..." one person said.

"'We totally trust each other' – proceeds to list 15 reasons they don’t trust each other," another commented.

"Skipped at location. Are you under house arrest," another joked.

"Sounds more like controlling and avoidant methods, rather than dealing with and communicating each other’s insecurities and working on your own stuff," another stated.

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