Today's Karl Stefanovic loses it over Sarah Abo's on-air blunder

Brooke Boney made sure to point out Sarah's slip-up.

Today presenters Karl Stefanovic and Brooke Boney were in stitches during Monday morning’s broadcast after their co-host Sarah Abo made a hilarious blunder live on-air.

While reporting about the hazardous weather in Melbourne that stopped planes from landing and taking off from the airport, Sarah accidentally said “flog” instead of “fog”.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic laughing / Today's Sarah Abo.
Today’s Karl Stefanovic couldn’t stop laughing after Sarah Abo had a slip-up on live TV. Photos: Channel Nine

“Breaking news from Melbourne, all flights in and out of the airport have been delayed or cancelled as thick flog blankets the city,” she told viewers.

While Sarah appeared to be unaware of her mistake and continued her report, Brooke interrupted and asked, “Thick what, Sarah?”

“Thick fog,” she replied. “Fog, fog.”


Karl was then shown laughing at Sarah’s gaffe as she attempted to make a joke about the awkward slip-up.

“There are some, you know,” she laughed, before adding, “No I won’t go there actually.”

“That would be quite a hazard, is all I’m going to say,” Brooke remarked.

Today’s Brooke Boney / Today's Sarah Abo laughing.
Brooke Boney joked that ‘thick flog’ would be ‘quite a hazard’. Photos: Channel Nine

'So funny'

After a clip of the moment was shared on social media, viewers flooded the comments with laughing emojis.

“Awww yeah the only downfall living in Melbourne lol this time of year is known for thick flog,” one person wrote, followed by another who added, “Lots of thick FLOGS in Melbourne… you got that right!”

“Reasons why this is my favourite morning news show,” a third replied, while someone else said, “Sarah, you are the best, thanks for the morning giggles”.


“This is why I love this show, Sarah is so funny,” a different user remarked, with another writing, “I love this show. More people need a sense of humour these days”.

“This is why it's the best morning show not only in Australia, but in the world,” one fan declared. “Watching from Paris and I love your energy guys. Thanks for the much-needed laughs.”

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