Today's Karl Stefanovic left 'worried' after guest appears to fall asleep mid-interview

The interview with the Australian legend went from bad to worse when he appeared to drift off.

Today’s Karl Stefanovic / Jack Karlson.
Today’s Karl Stefanovic admitted he was ‘worried’ after their guest Jack Karlson appeared to fall asleep mid-interview. Photos: Channel Nine

Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo experienced a rather awkward interview on Wednesday morning when their guest appeared to fall asleep live on-air. The duo were interviewing Australian legend Jack Karlson, who was famously arrested outside a Brisbane restaurant while enjoying a “succulent Chinese meal” in 1991.

Jack joined the show via video link alongside one of the arresting officers at the scene, Stoll Watt, who he’s since become close friends with. While the interview got off to a rough start when the two older men struggled to hear what Karl and Sarah were saying, things went from bad to worse when Jack appeared to drift off.


The interview continued without him as he kept his eyes closed for almost 75 seconds before Karl questioned whether he had fallen asleep.

“Ah gee, I just got a little worried then Jack might’ve nodded off like Weekend at Bernie's,” he laughed. “Are you still with us, Jackie boy?”

“Yes mate, yes,” Jack replied having finally opened his eyes, while Stoll said, “He’s waiting for his whiskey. Where’s his whiskey?”.

Jack and Stoll were on the show to promote the upcoming documentary The Man Who Ate A Succulent Chinese Meal, which is based on Jack’s life and set for release in March 2025.

Footage of Jack’s incorrect arrest was first uploaded to social media in 2009 and quickly went viral thanks to his iconic line: “What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal?”

Today’s Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo / Stoll Watt and Jack Karlson.
Jack eventually opened his eyes after Karl questioned whether he had ‘nodded off’. Photo: Channel Nine

Jack’s interview with Karl and Sarah wasn’t the only breakfast TV moment to go viral this week after a 7-year-old guest "went rogue" on Today Extra and swore during Tuesday morning’s broadcast.

Hosts David Campbell and Sylvia Jeffreys were chatting with Laddie Buster Lehmann and his dad, comedian and radio presenter Anthony ‘Lehmo’ Lehmann, about his burgeoning career as a comedian and their plans to go on tour together. When asked if they had any jokes ready to go, Lehmo said they had been practising and Laddie had a “favourite joke” he liked to perform on stage.


“What’s that about?” Sylvia asked, to which Laddie replied, “Just Brian s**tting his pants”.

The TV hosts immediately burst into laughter and covered their mouths with their hands in shock before David remarked, “Sorry, I didn’t realise he worked blue!”. As the group continued laughing, Laddie put his head in his hands and giggled.

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