TikToker sparks huge debate after revealing she and partner switch sides of the bed

People are shocked after a TikToker admitted she doesn't have a regular side of the bed.

A woman has gone viral online after uploading a TikTok admitting that she and her partner often switch sides of the bed, instead of sleeping on one regular side.

TikTok user @renovatingourhome uploaded what turned out to be a controversial take when she explained she just randomly chooses each night which side she wants to sleep on.

"Last night I slept on that side," she said gesturing to the side furthest from her. "And then the night before for two or three nights in a row I slept on this side."

A TikTok user admits she and her partner switch up sides of the bed
A TikTok user stirred controversy after saying she and her partner switch up sides of the bed. Photo: TikTok.com/@renovatingourhome

She said that the couple don't ever discuss which side they're sleeping on, they just randomly pick a side when they go to sleep.


"Whenever this comes up in conversation, people act like that is the craziest thing they've ever heard," she said.

"Okay I really need to know if we are alone in this— do you randomly pick which side of the bed you are going to sleep on or do you sleep on the same side every single night?" she captioned the TikTok.

The TikTok caused absolute commotion in the comments, with people in utter disbelief.

"What kind of serial killer behaviour is this? Even when I was single with my own bed I had my own side," one outraged person said.

"Do you guys sleep in jeans as well?" another quipped.

"You mean to tell me you just go through life every day not knowing what side of the bed you’re sleeping on that night?! WHAT?!," another shocked person commented.


Other users were stressed about all the other aspects that come from having a regular side of the bed — like storing your things.

"I have things. My things. On my side. Chapstick. Water cup. Lotion. Hair ties. My things," one person said.

"But what about your side table things?!! Your pillow!!?? I'm confused how this is a thing," another commented.

A few people showed up in support, but they were a minority.

"We don't have a side, my husband doesn't care which side and I change sides about every few weeks. Didn't know it was crazy?!," someone wrote.

"My husband and I do this and I know it's absolutely psychotic but I actually kind of enjoy switching it up," another woman commented.

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