TikToker goes viral with 'hairy is hot' message in unshaven bikini body video

The influencer has encouraged other women to embrace their body hair and ditch the razor

You've got to hand it to TikTok influencer Lydi, who posts under the name @lydihairy, for standing strong against societal beauty norms. In a bold move, she fearlessly flaunts her 'hairy body' in posts to the platform, wearing little more than itsy bitsy bikinis that showcase her beauty as nature intended and leave little to the imagination.

Lydi's videos have recently surfaced, promoting a 'hairy is hot' message, with unapologetic footage of her body hair, all while promoting the discourse: "If your body is in a bikini then it's a bikini body. Show it off!"

Woman in a bikini with body hair
The influencer champions the idea that every body is a bikini body, including body hair. Photo: TikTok/@lydihairy


Lydi joins the ranks of a growing movement of women who've decided to rebel against societal pressure to shave off their body hair.

In one particular clip that's gone viral with over 130K views, Lydi doesn't shy away from flaunting her decision to forgo shaving, even when emerging from a public swimming pool.

In a world where women have long been expected to keep razors, tweezers, and waxing appointments at the forefront of their beauty routines, the body hair movement holds significant meaning for many, as a feminist statement that breaks free from the shackles of conformity.

Lydi embodies this ethos by celebrating her natural body hair without reservation, refusing to let self-consciousness deter her from confidently rocking a bikini in public settings.

Woman showing off her armpit hair in a bikini
Lydi regularly posts footage of herself in swimwear showing off her body hair. Photo: TikTok/@lydihairy

Not everyone is on board with her lifestyle choice, though. Critics have chimed in, comparing her to characters from "Planet of the Apes" and slamming her decision to ditch the razor.

"I think you need one of these," someone else wrote with an accompanying razor emoji.

Nevertheless, Lydi's intended message hasn't gone unappreciated, gathering significant support on social media. Her video showcasing her unshaved bikini body has garnered an impressive 3000 likes, accompanied by an abundance of comments praising her confidence and natural beauty.

"Absolutely lovely," one viewer warmly commented on the TikTok, while another admirer commended her for embracing her true self.

"Natural beauty," they wrote, "even though society has brainwashed us to think otherwise."

Another follower summed it up by calling Lydi "strong and proud."

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