This simple recipe for frozen margarita grapes has been shared over 16,000 times: 'Delicious and fun'

Enjoy a playful twist on a classic treat with this viral recipe.

margarita grapes
The simple recipe for frozen margarita grapes has been a hit online. Photo: Facebook

Social media is buzzing over a newfound obsession: frozen margarita grapes. This playful and boozy snack is the perfect remedy for sweltering summer nights or a cheeky indulgence after a taxing day – and the best part? It's a breeze to whip up.

One enthusiastic home cook shared her hack to creating this potent treat: “I just made a batch of margarita grapes," she boasted in a Facebook group dedicated to sharing home recipes. "I soaked the grapes in a mixture of tequila and vodka for 24 hours, drained them, then rolled them in sugar and lime zest. They are in the freezer now so my husband and I can enjoy them for dessert tonight.”


The simple treat was easy enough to make, using just enough tequila and vodka to cover the grapes without drowning them.

"The grapes did absorb the alcohol without poking holes in them, there is already a hole where they were pulled off the stem," she explained, before adding, "you could taste the alcohol, but it was not overpowering.”

After freezing the grapes, the final step was to store them in an airtight container, sealing in their icy freshness, ready for whenever the craving strikes for a spirited snack.

Margarita grapes
Group members loved the simple idea for an after work treat, or summer snack. Photo: Getty

The online response was explosive, with the post raking in over 43K likes and 16K shares, proving that everyone loves a sneaky indulgence every now and then.

Naturally, people were curious about the effects of these boozy grapes. One user asked the burning question on everyone's lips: “Did you get tipsy?” The answer seemed promising: “If you eat enough of them, you will feel the effects.” Another user chimed in, suggesting that the grapes soak up the alcohol “like a sponge.”

"I bet they are super refreshing!" someone else replied.

Others shared their intentions to try the recipe for themselves with comments such as "must try" and "definitely gonna try this."

"Frozen grapes are awesome on their own..but wow this sounds awesome..thanks," said another.

Other group members shared their excitement and ideas for a creative twist on the treat.

“Great addition to a wine, keeps it cool and won’t water it down!” one person suggested. Another added, “We make these (adult version) and ones for the kid (soaked in apple juice). Soooo delicious. And we do our best not to mix them up.”

The ideas didn’t stop there. Group members brainstormed alternative mixers and coatings to jazz up the treat. Lime jelly, dark grapes soaked in Southern Comfort, or pineapples infused with coconut rum – the possibilities were endless. Adding a sprinkle of salt or Tajin for a spicy kick was also a hit idea.


So whether you’re looking for a fun dessert or a way to spice up your next gathering, given the response, these frozen margarita grapes are likely to be a hit. As one person perfectly summed it up: “Sounds delicious and fun!”

Cheers to that!

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