The Project's Rachel Corbett announces tearful exit as mass exodus continues

Another host has left the Channel 10 program.

Just a few months after Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar and Lisa Wilkinson all left The Project, another beloved host has announced their departure from the Channel 10 program.

Rachel Corbett revealed during Sunday night’s broadcast that she would be stepping away from The Project desk for several months on maternity leave.

Rachel Corbett on The Project.
Rachel Corbett (right) announced on Sunday that she will be temporarily leaving The Project on maternity leave. Photo: Channel 10

The TV star, who has appeared on the show since 2015, is currently expecting her first child which she plans to raise on her own.

“It's time for me to go. Can you believe it? I’ve sat at this desk every single week for the last six years,” she said as a staffer placed flowers in front of her and she began to tear up. “Oh my god, fuss. I hate fuss. Thank you though, that’s lovely.

“It's so weird to be leaving, and also to have no idea who I’m going to be on the other side of this. Because it’s the biggest thing and the weirdest thing that you can have no measure for.”


Sarah Harris then clarified that it’s not Rachel’s “last ever show forever” and she’ll be back in a few months after spending time “in the baby bubble”.

“But it’s a big thing, right? I mean, it’s weird, I don’t even know,” Rachel replied. “What if I’m miserable, what if I hate it, what if I’ve made a terrible mistake?”

Rachel Corbett crying on The Project.
Rachel teared up as she announced her departure. Photos: Channel 10

'We love you so much'

Hamish Macdonald then chimed in, telling Rachel that she is an “amazing human” and she will be an “incredible mum”.

“There’s a huge family of people here, past and present, all of whom send you off with all of our love,” he added. “We do love you and we look forward to having you back.

“And just on a personal note, I’m so amazed and in awe at you doing this on your own. You’re such an incredible human, you’re so frickin’ organised, and that's going to go out the window – but anyway, we love you so much, mate.”


With Rachel completely in tears, her co-hosts then showered her with glitter and confetti to end the show.

This comes after The Project experienced a major shake-up this year, with Sarah Harris replacing Carrie Bickmore and new stars Sam Taunton and Michael Hing joining the show. Existing panellists Waleed Aly, Hamish Macdonald and Georgie Tunny also remain as core members of the team.

Meanwhile, Dr Chris Brown and Natasha Exelby both announced this month that they would be leaving Channel 10, with the I’m A Celebrity host joining rival station Channel 7 in July.

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