The Project's Lisa Wilkinson stunned by co-host's X-rated comment

Lisa Wilkinson was left in shock during Sunday night’s episode of The Project when she learnt about communal baths from her fellow panellists.

Just after presenting a news report about the rising trend, which has seen “at least four new major facilities” open in Australia in the last year, Hamish Macdonald told viewers that he and Jan Fran had spent the commercial break “educating Lisa about nudity and bathhouses”.

The Project’s Hamish Macdonald’ and Lisa Wilkinson.
The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson was left stunned by Hamish Macdonald’s off-air comments about communal baths. Photo: Channel Ten

“I have learnt stuff tonight that I really didn’t come here expecting to learn!” she admitted.

Rove McManus, who was just as surprised by the topic, added: “I don’t feel comfortable bathing on my own, let alone with other people around.”

“And when you’ve got a perfectly good bath at home with a door that closes and locks, why you would move outside of that zone I don’t know,” Lisa agreed.


Rove then directed his attention to Hamish, asking the former Q+A host more questions about his experiences with communal baths.

“Do you take your own rubber duck when you go to one of your little communal baths?” he asked, which was met with plenty of laughter. “Do you flick your little friends with a towel?”

“I feel like we’re talking about a very different kind of bathhouse now though, Rove,” Jan said.

“When you say to me Hamish Macdonald goes to a bath, you do not want to know where my head’s going!” he replied.

The Project’s Rove McManus and Jan Fran.
Rove McManus was also surprised by the topic before Jan Fran gave a further explanation. Photos: Channel Ten

Hamish and Jan went on to clarify to their co-hosts that they were talking about Turkish baths, also known as Hammam, which have ties to the Islamic world.

“It’s a cultural experience. You can find it in Morocco. You can get a good scrub down with the loofah,” the former SBS foreign correspondent described.

“There’s a very biggish woman that lifts things and moves things and scrubs things. And I say bring that here, that’s what we need - communal bathing 2.0.”

While Rove eventually said that he was interested in the experience, Lisa said: “That’s three out of four [hosts]. That’s enough from The Project!”

Carrie Bickmore with her family at Melbourne airport.
Carrie Bickmore and her family have been travelling through France, Switzerland and Austria and are now settling in the UK. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

Settling in to the UK now’

The candid discussion comes shortly after regular host of The Project Carrie Bickmore embarked on her family trip abroad for a few months.

The mother-of-three recently shared a sweet snap of her family at the airport updating her followers on her adventures and what she’s been doing.

“Can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks travelling,” she wrote. “We’ve packed it in. [France, Switzerland, Austria] (perhaps too many stops for our little people!) and we’ve seen the most incredible places.

“Settling in to the UK now #britmorefamilyadventure or the Chriswolds’s family adventure as Chris calls it.”

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