Vinnie Jones on Masked Singer gig: ‘Don’t know what I was thinking’

Masked Singer Australia fans were left in complete shock when action movie star and former footballer Vinnie Jones was unmasked as The Volcano on Monday night.

The actor belted out The Proclaimer's 'I'm Gonna Be' in the sing-off with The Vampire, who sang Coolio’s 'Gangsta’s Paradise'.

The Masked Singer's Vinnie Jones
The Masked Singer's Vinnie Jones has said he has no idea what he was thinking appearing on the show as a volcano. Photo: Supplied

The judges had no clue who was under the Volcano's mask but guessed people like Sacha Baron Cohen, Christian Bale, Billy Bob Thornton and Anthony Mundine.

“This is amazing. We never even thought for a second it was you,” Jackie O said on the show.

Appearing on her radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, on Tuesday morning Vinnie said he had no idea what made him choose to appear on the show as a volcano.


"How on earth did they get you, convince you, to leave your American home or England or wherever you actually live, and fly all the way out here to dress up as a volcano and sing The Proclaimers, that sounds like a tough, tough sell," Kyle Sandilands questioned him.

"It was really, yeah, I don't know what I was thinking," Vinnie jokingly responded. "And you know what, as soon as the cheque clears then the big stick comes out and they start whacking you on the ass with it, bossing me around!"

Jackie O on the Masked Singer
“This is amazing. We never even thought for a second it was you,” Jackie O told Vinnie. Photo: Ten

"You come to Australia to do this show you, you know, it's not easy, you have to go through two weeks of quarantine first," Jackie O said. "And so after all of that you're going through quarantine and then you get up and you do your first performance and it's all over!"

Kyle added, "He would have thought 'thank God!'"

Vinnie laughed, saying, "I agree, I never thought getting my head ripped off would be so satisfying."

Jackie explained to Kyle that Vinnie had told her and the other judges on the show he'd been keen to get out and do some golfing and not "be in hiding".

He explained that he was "all geared up" to go fishing and travel to Tasmania for some fly fishing, but the day he got out of quarantine, we went back into lockdown.

Kyle added, "I get the sense that you're not the sort of guy who likes to be bossed around and have cloaks over your head and all the cloak and dagger rubbish. That just seems like really, is it necessary?"

"It was an out of body experience mate, I can tell you, I wanted to give a few of them a back hander or a little slap and I couldn't get near them because every time I felt like that they put a cape over me head so I couldn't see no one! I felt like a boxer in the ring with me arms tied behind me back," the star responded.

They all agreed that Vinnie's song choice was "perfect", but he revealed he didn't even have a song picked for the next round!

"I tried to sing so bad I wouldn't be back, but I think it would have been, um... 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love'," he said.

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