The Masked Singer fans are convinced they know who Professor is

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Season three of The Masked Singer has well and truly kicked off, with two major celebrity reveals already shocking judges and viewers alike.

Fans have also begun sharing their theories for which stars are under the masks, and they’re currently convinced that they’ve worked out the identity of Professor after seeing only one performance.

Professor on the Masked Singer.
Fans are convinced they know who Professor is. Photo: Channel 10

Clues for Professor include that they are “opinionated”, they’re always “searching for the answer for the right cues” and they “want to make the world a better place”.

They also said that they don’t believe in conspiracy theories and “knowledge is very important” to them.

“Our mother universe is huge. The possibilities for love are just as big. As-as-as long as we have some faith,” they added.


After spotting a rose in the clue package, judge Jackie O paired this with the fact that Professor is a scientist and guessed that the celebrity under the mask is season seven Bachelor and astrophysicist Matt Agnew.

“An astrophysicist, the rose, the looking for love. Too obvious?” she asked.

Matt Agnew on the Bachelor.
Jackie O thought the clues lead to Bachelor Matt Agnew. Photo: Channel 10

Some fans even predicted that it could be ex-Bachelor Matty J, although he quickly took to social media to shut down the rumours.

“There's a contestant called The Professor and, unfortunately, it's not me,” he said on Instagram. “As much as I'd like it to be me, it's not."

However, a large number of social media users believe that the clues instead point to actor and musician Ben Lee.

They think that the rose was a clue to Ben’s The Rage in Placid Lake co-star Rose Byrne, and the map of South America in the clue package is because Ben spent some time in Peru.

One fan also pointed out that there is a famous theoretical physicist with the name Benjamin W. Lee, hence the costume.

“Is Ben Lee the professor? Didn’t he have a spiritual experience in Peru years and years ago? Also he’s playing shows in Aus later this year,” one person tweeted.

Ben Lee.
Fans believe that Ben Lee is the Professor. Photo: Instagram/benleemusic

Viewers are also certain that Professor is the Catch My Disease hitmaker because of his distinctive voice.

“I’d know Ben Lee’s voice anywhere. It’s so unique. If that’s not Ben Lee I’ll eat my hat,” someone wrote.

“Wasn’t expecting Ben Lee, but that is definitely him,” another added, while a fourth shared, “Professor is undoubtedly Ben Lee.”

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