The Block fans suggest major change to shake up future seasons

Viewers have shared what they want next year's season to look like.

The Block fans have suggested a major change that they believe will improve the popular renovation reality series.

A number of viewers have proposed that the show cast new judges to shake things up and have a wider variety of experts sharing their opinions.

The Block judges Neale Whitaker, Darren Palmer, Shaynna Blaze and Marty Fox.
The Block fans have proposed the show cast new judges to shake things up. Photo: Channel Nine

Interior design expert Neale Whitaker has been The Block’s longest-serving judge, joining the show when it relaunched in 2010 with host Scott Cam.

Fellow interior designers Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer signed on in 2012, with Darren beginning as a guest judge before moving into a permanent position the following year.

Meanwhile, real estate agent Marty Fox became a judge on this year’s season as a fill-in for Neale, who temporarily stepped back to help his partner through ill health.


Taking to social media following this week’s room reveal, fans argued that the judging panel should be comprised of people from different career backgrounds.

“The judging needs to be from three individual fields. Not three interior designers,” one person wrote on Reddit. “I liked the addition of a real estate agent, and maybe the other could be a builder and judge finish.”

“They really need to get rid of the judges,” another agreed. “A show like this needs judges that will understand the quality of the work done and be able to give advice on what the contestants are doing wrong. They also need someone, like Marty, who knows what the buyers want.”

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Some viewers also said there are a number of former contestants who they believe could step up into the judging position, including All Stars Dan Reilly and Dani Wales who currently host their own 9Now series, Dan vs Dani.

“If the show is still around in a few years, I can see Steph as a judge,” one fan added.

“How about we have different judges every week? Ones that know nothing about the contestants and the previous weeks' history,” someone else replied.


Applications for The Block’s milestone twentieth season opened last month, with Nine looking for “enthusiastic, motivated and hardworking” teams of two.

The location for the new season is yet to be announced, although it’s been confirmed that host Scott Cam and judge Neale Whitaker will return.

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