The Block's Omar and Oz demand public apology over shock claims: 'Rigged'

"I want a public apology from everyone that said Oz and I rigged that auction last year."

The Block's Omar and Oz have hit back at fans of the show who claimed they 'rigged' the show after Adrian Portelli drove up the price at their auction next year.

Adrian bought winners Steph and Gian's Charming Street house this year for $5 million, with the young couple winning a total of $1.75 million in profit, including the $100,000 prize money. He also purchased Eliza and Liberty and Kyle and Leslie's properties.

The Block's Omar and Oz
The Block's Omar and Oz have demanded a public apology after fans claimed they 'rigged' the show last year. Nine

Omar and Oz said Adrian's purchases this year proved he wasn't just a "dummy bidder" to drive up the price of the properties.

"What a crazy ride, you guys deserved it. You had the best house on The Block by far," Omar said. "Also, congratulations to my boy Adrian [Portelli], keep doing your thing, bro, keep making them talk.


"I want a public apology from everyone that said Oz and I rigged that auction last year and we had a dummy bidder. That 'dummy' spent close to $15m on The Block this season, So it is, what it is, I'll be waiting."

"Just wanted to congratulate Steph and Gian for taking out the win, absolutely the best house on The Block," Oz added. "I couldn't agree more with Omar - a public apology on everybody who thought Omar and I rigged the auctions last year.

Adrian Portelli with Steph and Gian on The Block
Adrian Portelli shocked audiences when he bid $5m for Steph and Gian's property on Sunday night's finale. Photo: Nine

"Guys, we knew who we networked with, we knew who we invited to our house, and we invited to bid on ours, and this year our boy proved everybody wrong.

"Not only does he change lives for a living but he's a legitimate and successful businessman that wants to make a difference and wants to inspire every Australian."


During last year's Block finale, Adrian became a force to be reckoned with when he made a grand entrance in a bright yellow Lamborghini (earning him the name "Mr Lambo") and placed a staggering $5.5 million bid on the winning house.

While he may have been outbid, he left a lasting impression by shelling out a cool $4.25 million in cash for the runner-up's property and then spent $12.4 million at Sunday night's auction.

His net worth currently stands at an eye-watering $1 billion, according to AFR Magazine.

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