The Block finale: Danny Wallis slams show's 'junk' houses and leaves empty-handed

Danny told reporters that he believed Steph and Gian's House 4 and Eliza and Liberty's House 5 sold for "too much".

Danny Wallis, who has been purchasing properties from The Block for ten years, surprised audiences on Sunday when he left empty-handed after being outbid on Houses 4 and 5 and making just one bid on House 3.

While he opened the bidding on House 1, he was quickly cut off by Adrian Portelli, who didn't even let him finish his opening bid. When he countered, Adrian outbid him once again.

The Block's Danny Wallis
Danny Wallis, who usually bids on The Block houses, has slammed this season's properties and left empty-handed. Photo: Nine

It would appear as though the philanthropist was frustrated by this point, according to Domain, and this is why he didn't make a single bid on Leah and Ash's House 4.

As he left the auctions, Danny told reporters that he believed Steph and Gian's House 4 and Eliza and Liberty's House 5 sold for "too much", with the properties selling for $5,000,000 and $4,300,000, respectively.


When asked why he didn't go harder to win Houses 1, 2 or 3, Danny had a surprising response, telling Domain, "They're junk."

"[They’re] high maintenance for investment properties, which is what we have to consider," his sister added.

Danny slams 'impossible' property rule

It comes after Danny revealed he has decided to sell a St Kilda house he purchased in 2019 on the show and claimed former Victorian Premier Dan Andrews and his 'impossible' property laws are the reason for the sale.

Danny Wallis on The Block
Danny walked away with nothing on auction day. Photo: Nine

Speaking to, Danny revealed that a state government plan to change the land tax payment threshold from January 2024 is one of the reasons he has decided to sell the house.

The new changes will mean homeowners will pay land tax if their investment, or secondary property such as a holiday house, is worth $50,000 or more. The current threshold is $300,000.

"Land taxes are way too dear and these days you can’t get a decent return," he told the website, adding he'd consider selling his other investment properties, including those purchased on The Block, as he could be facing a huge tax bill of millions of dollars.

See all the finished houses here:

He also shared that residential tenancies regulations that were introduced in 2021 were another reason he was keen to sell, as it means tenants can do things such as replacing curtains, installing picture hooks, planting a vegetable or herb garden, painting, installing security systems and more without the landlord's permission.

"Daniel Andrews made it impossible to have control over your own property," Danny said, saying he will be investing interstate in the future rather than in Victoria.

He added that he would not be selling the homes purchased for families of sick children, who are receiving assistance through Ronald McDonald House and My Room Children's Cancer Charity.

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