The Block's Sharon and Ankur sell their home to 'Mr Lambo'

After not selling their house at auction, The Block's Sharon and Ankur have finally sold the property to Adrian Portelli, AKA Mr Lambo, who was accused of being a "dummy bidder" to drive up the cost of Omar and Oz's winning home on Sunday night's finale.

Adrian's bidding pushed famous Block buyer Danny Wallis to purchase Omar and Oz's property for a record-breaking $5,666,666.66, leaving many to wonder if he was only there to drive the price up with his bids.

Sharon and Ankur on The Block
The Block's Sharon and Ankur have finally sold their house to Adrian Portelli AKA Mr Lambo who was bidding on Omar and Oz's house. Photo: Nine

However, the 33-year-old businessman has proven he was a genuine buyer by purchasing Sharon and Ankur's five-bedroom property for $4.25million, revealing he plans to give the home away for free.

The surprise twist means Sharon and Ankur have made a profit of $170,000, as well as their $80,000 Ford Everest that they won on the show.


"Well this is going to rustle some feathers," Adrian wrote on Instagram on Friday. "Someone’s winning one of The Block houses! A lot of Australia doubted the man however Adrian has gone and bought Ankur and Sharon’s house 3 and one of you lucky buggers is going to win it!

"Where are the nay-sayers now?"

Adrian Portelli, AKA Mr Lambo
Adrian Portelli, AKA Mr Lambo, who was accused of being a "dummy bidder" to drive up the cost of Omar and Oz's winning home on Sunday night's finale. Photo: Instagram/Adrian Portelli

He then shared the link for people to enter to win the home, with those keen on entering needing to purchase a membership from his giveaway business LMCT+, which start from $19.99 a month. The membership also gives discounts to stores and more.

Adrian then took to his Instagram Stories to address "all the critics" and thank the "haters" for the free publicity.

"For all the critics and the haters, thank you. A big shout-out for creating a platform for me to absolutely smash this out of the park. Marketing 101, baby. Let's go!" he told the camera.

Sharon and Ankur leave Melbourne after The Block finale

The Block's Sharon and Ankur
Sharon and Ankur revealed they're leaving Melbourne after their home failed to sell at auction. Photo: Nine

It comes after Sharon and Ankur revealed they were leaving Melbourne after failing to sell their home at auction.

For the first time in 11 years, two teams failed to sell their properties at auction, with Dylan and Jenny also having to pass their properties in after failing to attract a bidder over their reserve prices.


Speaking with the Daily Mail, Sharon revealed she and her husband are getting out of Melbourne to clear their heads and take a break, "We need a holiday. We're a hundred per cent going to take a break and then reevaluate what we want to do next year."

"I think what we are going to try to do is go back to South Australia, where we are from, and spend time on the family farm in the vineyards and just have a good time."

She continued, "I grew up on a farm and I love it, and my future is always going to be on a farm. We are just figuring out when."

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