The Block 2023: Winner revealed after rollercoaster auctions

After months of work and drama, The Block 2023 winners have been announced.

Steph and Gian have taken out the 2023 season of The Block. The couple's house sold for a whopping $5,000,000, earning them a profit of $1,650,000 and another $100,000 in prize money.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the auction, Steph admitted she felt “overwhelmed” by the result.

The Block has changed our lives!” she declared.

“Adrian Portelli is incredible,” Gian added. “That jump was so unexpected.”

They both acknowledged their grandfathers who sadly passed away during filming, saying: “Our heartbreak could not have been replicated with money.

“They came to this country to change their lives and their families' lives and that is what they did. We want to attribute this win to them.”

The five Block couples have been photoshopped onto a background of yellow and orange with vector images of tools behind them.
The Block winners for 2023 are Steph and Gian. Credit: Channel Nine/Yahoo Australia

Medical emergency rocks The Block auction

Contestants, The Block staff and viewers were left shocked after somebody collapsed during Steph and Gian's auction.

Yahoo Lifestyle understands the woman who fainted at House 4’s auction is named Cassie and only made her attendance known to producers the day before. It’s believed her mother was only interested in buying House 4 and House 2, however, she was open to potentially buying the other houses.

Steph had met the woman before the auction but had no real relationship with her or her mother.

She had to leave the auction to seek treatment and viewers will never know what could have happened if they had stayed.

See all the finished houses here:

Live coverage is over
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    Well that was a whirlwind! Thank you for joining us for our live coverage of The Block finale. Stay tuned on Yahoo Lifestyle in the days to come as we bring you the latest news and goss in the wake of the auctions.

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    After a rollercoaster of an auction day, the winner of The Block 2023 has been announced! Steph and Gian have taken out the crown with a profit of $1,650,000 and another $100,000 in prize money. Congratulations!

    Credit: Channel Nine

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    Leah and Ash seemed like they had already made their peace with the way their auction was called in when speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle.

    The couple said they are happy with their decision to pull the pin and believe the reserve price was “very reasonable for the market”, and hope young families now have the opportunity to buy the house.

    Leah appeared to be relieved that the experience was coming to an end, telling us: “It is a bubble that is hard to describe to the viewers.

    “There are no regrets, Ash and I held our heads so high,” she said. “We gave audiences a really raw experience of The Block. The show is hard and it's really stressful.”

    The couple add that despite not selling their house, they are proud of one another for being honest and true to themselves.

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    House 2's main bidder was Cassie, the woman who suffered the medical episode, so Leah and Ash and even Scotty were keen for them to pass the house in.

    Credit: Channel Nine

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    Bidding appears to have stalled at $2,900,000...

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    The final house, Leah and Ash's in House 2, is about to go under the hammer. With a lot of mixed results so far they must be feeling very nervous.

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    House 1’s Kyle and Leslie told Yahoo Lifestyle they were feeling “mixed emotions” following their auction.

    “We really enjoyed the show and being a part of it. We would be stupid to say we were not expecting more,” Kyle said.

    “However, we want people to know we are grateful,” Leslie added.

    “The way in which House 3’s agent revealed the reserves and the way in which their auction went - we were prepared for what has just happened.”

    The couple went on to say that they found it difficult watching “the vast differences in the outcomes” for the teams.

    “The disparaging amount feels really unfair,” they remarked.

    “We wanted everyone to come away with money and so far everyone has come away with something. However, everyone is in the room together and there is a lot of emotion in that room based on these results.”

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    Kyle and Leslie's house has sold for $3,100,000! The couple have taken home $130,000 in profit and Adrian Portelli has just claimed his third house on The Block this year.

    Credit: Channel Nine

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    Bidding is sitting at $3,100,000 and a profit of $130,000 for Kyle and Leslie. We're waiting to see if it will go any higher!

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    Kyle and Leslie's house is now under the hammer! The bidding is yet to hit reserve.

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